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Categories! For the Selective Reader

Categories: Personal
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Published on: 2014.03.18

Several spam comments (which I deleted straightaway) on this blog got me to thinking. And, as usual, my thinking follows a circuitous and tangential course. The comments are about “SEO” (search engine optimization), and how I could easily improve my number of “hits” (page views) by clicking on their spammy links. As if hits are[…]

DIY: Measuring Cup Holder

Categories: DIY, How To
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Published on: 2013.05.01

For about $5, I made this measuring cup holder that’s hidden inside a kitchen cabinet: (Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

Organizing Photos

Categories: How To, Photography
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Published on: 2010.08.03

You’d think there are enough blogs and websites already that tell you how to organize your photos on your computer. Not to mention the dozens of programs for sale or for free that supposedly help you do this. But apparently the world needs one more blog post about this. Almost every time I’m at someone’s[…]

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