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Hillary And Me

I mentioned recently that “I’ve never been a fan” of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and so I set out to examine why. I’ll also probably vote for her, despite disagreeing in several places — because no one else with a chance of getting elected even comes close. When I first heard of her (early 1990s), I[…]

Which 53%, Mr. Carter?

As much as I detest misinformation on the web, it is perhaps even more frustrating when accurate information is used to the exclusion of other accurate information. Most often, this happens in politics. Take my own U.S. representative, Judge John Carter, for example. Today, he tweeted that “Obamacare approval rates continue to decline” and provided[…]

Catch-All: Foxghazi, Obammigration, Snowdensation, Etc. (UPDATED)

Just because I don’t blog about something doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion about it. I’ve missed a lot of topics over the past few months that I really wanted to mention here. I wanted to fact-check some fairly idiotic stuff said by the people who run our country. I wanted to document more[…]

Website Failure Isn’t The Worst Thing About Obamacare

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Published on: 2013.11.06

News reports from the left, right, and middle have all shamed the failures of, the main web portal of the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). The site had glitches and outright failures from Day 1, and still isn’t working properly. But the repeated and continuing failure of the website isn’t the worst thing about the[…]

Fact Check: Length of ACA, etc.

After reading a moderately well-written (but poorly informed) letter to the editor called “Obamacare not the change we’re looking for” on our local newspaper’s website, I saw a comment underneath that boiled my blood. I wasn’t upset because the comment represented a different point of view, but because it so blatantly used misinformation to support[…]

The Number Of The Beast, Coming Soon (in 2017)

With the help of a friend — who probably doesn’t want to be cited here, for various reasons — I came across this tidbit [old link removed]: “Bible study scheduled on worldwide number system New Life Apostolic Faith Church conducts a special Bible study on Revelation 13 about how a new chip will be put[…]

Day 13: Obama Could Have Phrased This Better

As Congress continues to drag its feet, ignoring the easy solution, I still can’t help but blame Republicans for the shutdown — since they planned it in advance. However, one phrase from the left has been bugging me a bit during this nationally embarrassing debacle. That’s the notion of “settled law”.

Less Of A Shutdown And More Of An Insult

It always bugs me when politicians and journalists use “shutdown” when referring to Congress’ failure to pass a budget — or in this week’s case, a continuing resolution to fund the federal government. If you shut down something, it’s turned off, unusable, inert. Take for example your computer, or your car, or a McDonald’s. When[…]

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