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Changing The Narrative

My wife’s eyes were damp when she came home from our daughter’s dance class yesterday. She quickly told me why. *** “I was sitting there, and other moms were in a group talking about the Nazi rally and the Confederate statues. One woman said something about how she didn’t understand why people wanted to remove[…]

One Of The Tamer Trump-Supporting Statements Is Still Garbage

There are some rabid Trump supporters out there. Much more insidious are the ones who make an show of reasonableness. “See?” they’ll say. “I’m a reasonable person and I still support this monster.” Those are the ones to watch out for. Not Rabid. Still Bad This Facebook post crossed my timeline late last night Take[…]

Teacher Punished For Assignment

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Published on: 2013.04.14

In The News: Nazi essay assignment teacher placed on leave by New York school district (The Guardian) I’ve seen a dozen or more stories on this recent bit of “news”, but not one of them has said why the teacher has been “placed on leave”. All the stories note that the teacher assigned her students[…]

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