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This Draft-Dodger Meme Dodges Truth And Common Sense

(I know it isn’t Saturday, but I don’t feel like changing the name of this series: “Silly Meme Saturday” for one entry.) Today’s Silly Meme I found this meme on Facebook, where the person who posted it was making fun of a Trump voter in her family. “You Elected A Draft Dodger!” is apparently meant[…]

Do The Math

The meme insinuates we should be able to pay for health care with $2 billion This meme popped into my Facebook timeline three separate times this weekend. It says (I’ve fixed the all-caps issue): “Welcome to America where we will spend $2 billion on an election, but we can’t afford to give everyone free healthcare.”[…]

No To Minimum Wage, Because: Soldiers

An actual letter to the editor Click image to see larger Click here to see source This one isn’t actually a “meme”, per se, but it is being shared as one on social media, so I’ll have a go at it in this edition of Silly Meme Saturday. (Click the image at right to see[…]

In Defense Of Texans

Texas flag, Waco (Copyright © 2009 by Wil C. Fry.) Apparently some “frightened citizens” contacted Texas Governor Greg Abbott (source) about a military training exercise in several states, and he sent in the Texas State Guard to make sure the U.S. military wasn’t doing anything amiss. What? And then Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a member[…]

We’re #1! (In Almost Nothing Good) — UPDATED

(Originally published 2014.09.12) The U.S. is #1 in obesity rates (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) Most nations seem to have some degree of the “we’re #1” factor — call it nationalism, pride, what have you. The U.S. has no shortage of this, even in the face of mounting statistics that say otherwise. I’ve[…]

As I Said Before… (Thanksgiving)

Last year’s post on Thanksgiving was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I must have had a pile of free time to think it through like that and get it published in time. I remembered it a few days ago and thought: “Hey, I should add to it this year!” But then[…]

Movie Review: Lone Survivor (2013)

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Published on: 2014.02.13

I enjoyed Lone Survivor, but not in the “I had a great time!” way; it was more of a “I feel differently about my life now” feeling, which is rare with modern movies. The last war movie that provided a similar feeling was probably Saving Private Ryan in 1998.

U.S. Troops On U.S. Soil

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Published on: 2013.10.22

In The News: Role players help troops train for riot control (Killeen Daily Herald) The title is mostly innocuous, but a full reading is a little eyebrow-raising, at least for a paranoid reader like myself.

Some Furloughed Civilians Back To Work

FOX News has reported that the Pentagon is recalling “most of … approximately 400,000” of the furloughed civlian employees, based on the Pay Our Military Act — signed just before the “shutdown”.

ITN: Headline’s ‘Mystery’ Is Unmysterious

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Published on: 2012.06.17

In the News: Mystery Mini Space Shuttle X-37B Lands in California This story goes on to provide details about the shuttle, including quotes from military officials, none of which are mysterious. Other headlines about the same topic called the shuttle “Secretive” (here) and “Secret” (here).

Book Review: Never Surrender (2008)

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Published on: 2011.03.28

Title: Never Surrender Author: LTG William G. Boykin (ret.) Subject: Boykin’s life and political career Genre: autobiography Publisher: Hachette Book Group I knew before I read Boykin’s book that it would have references to religion; my father gave the book to me and had already underlined several passages. What I didn’t realize until I began[…]

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