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No Single Number Defines Our Economy

Anderson Connors beat me to it. I’ve been working on this entry for a couple of months, but Anderson posted yesterday: “The Dow Is NOT The Economy”, including this helpful summary: “1. The stock market is NOT the economy. 2. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is NOT the stock market.” Like me, he was referring[…]

10 Bogus Explanations For Millennials’ Lack Of Religion

Christians — especially mistaken authors like “Doctor” Alex McFarland — are pretty worried about the Pew survey which shows younger U.S.ians are leaving religion in droves. Logically, for anyone concerned with the longevity of religion, there have to be two immediate goals: (1) find out what’s driving millennials away from the church, and (2) figure[…]

Vague, Tautological Meme Is Vague And Tautological

This week’s silly meme I bring up this meme only because I’ve seen it so often on social media. Apparently, about a third of the people in my online circles think this is true. For searchability reasons, I include the text (correcting for the ALL-CAPS issue): “Am I the only one around here who thinks[…]

Why I Prefer Online Conversations

This N.Y. Times opinion piece is just the most recent example of grumpy people complaining that texting or online conversation is hurting the way we interact with others. “What happened to good old fashioned face-to-face conversations?” they all seem to ask, in whiny little voices. Grumbling about the quality of online conversations is as old[…]

Distracted From The Forest By The Bathroom Trees

The meme in question this week Unlike previous editions of Silly Meme Saturday, I didn’t find this meme liked or shared by family and/or friends, but it randomly appeared on my Facebook timeline anyway. This one says: “While the media keeps you distracted by bathrooms, Social Security recipients did not receive a cost of living[…]

Challenging The Portrayals Of Atheists In The Media

(Copyright © 2012 by Wil C. Fry.) In a previous entry, Six ‘Facts’ About Atheists, As Slightly Misreported (2015.11.15), I noted that Carey Lodge’s piece in Christianity Today was close to fair, with only slight omissions and a few word-changes. It’s easy to see why hers would slip under the radar. Other media hit pieces,[…]

How To Choose The Correct Media

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Published on: 2014.11.10

(This isn’t about the news media, but about internet — mostly social media and blogs — and how people use it poorly.) An example of an image file with text on it (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Day after day, I see image files with words typed on them, links to YouTube videos[…]

Ebola Scare Illuminates Two-Party System’s Idiocy

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Published on: 2014.10.21

Republican candidates for the Senate and House, who are likely to win anyway in November, have really jumped on the Ebola bandwagon lately. They recognize a hot-button issue when they see it — the news media seemed to have no other stories for a couple of weeks — and found every way possible to use[…]

When I Feel Sorry For Politicians

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Published on: 2014.03.07

While I’m happy to call out elected officials for their mistakes, and while I agree that they should — in theory — be held to a higher standard than the average citizen, there are times I feel sorry for them.

ITN: FOX News Thinks 90% Is Suspicious

Categories: InTheNews, Politics
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Published on: 2012.11.14

In The News: FOX Questions Philadelphia Over Obama Percentages FOX News questioned the high percentages of votes for Barack Obama in several areas of Philadelphia, where the county as a whole voted 85.2% (over 500,000 votes) for the incumbent president and just over 14% for the Republican nominee. Some divisions within the county apparently voted[…]

ITN: The Media Did It

Categories: InTheNews, Politics
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Published on: 2012.11.09

In The News: Obama Wins With Backing From Biggest Supporters – The Media (opinion, FOX News) Few like to hound the nation’s news outlets like I do. I regularly make fun of their inability to write and/or edit, and my main complaint is often that writers miss the point of a story. And I think[…]

Infobesity Isn’t the Internet’s Problem

“Infobesity” (or Information Overload) refers to difficulty understanding an issue and making decisions because of the presence of too much information. Though the terms precede the internet, they’re often used in the context of too much information being available on the internet in the currently titled “Information Age”. The problem isn’t that there’s too much[…]

Opening Ceremony Disappoints

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Published on: 2012.07.29

Various news reports, editorials and blogs have described the 2012 Olympics’ opening ceremony in London as “exuberant”, “rousing”, “dazzling”, and even “quirky”. Did you watch it? What did you think?

Exclusive: Exclusivity Is Lost On Us

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Published on: 2012.02.17

It’s always bugged me when a reporter (either in print, on the web, or on TV) uses himself or his/her news organization in the story — except for the rare case where it’s actually part of the story. And of course, when I actually got a job as a reporter, I learned it’s generally a[…]


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Published on: 2011.04.01

Catching up on my world news today, I came across this story in the sports section. It’s about a man that was allegedly assaulted by two other men. Either the story was badly written, or the paper’s editors had some kind of brain fart.

2001.10.01: How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

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Published on: 2000.10.01

Oct. 1, 2001 An editorial by Wil C. Fry I like TV. Really, I do. Sometimes, like millions of other Americans, I like to sprawl on the couch or floor and just absorb a few watts of mindless drivel. If you’re willing to pay for it, you can find just about anything you want to[…]

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