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Million Vs. Billion

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Published on: 2017.02.12

“Million” and “billion” get thrown around a lot in science and economics. It can be difficult to grasp the difference. “Just add three more zeroes” doesn’t quite get the gist of it. Here are a few concrete examples to keep in mind, to help picture the difference between a million and a billion: 1 million[…]

Mean Vs. Median

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Published on: 2017.02.12

Not everyone deals with math every day, and that’s fine. Most people don’t need to know the following in their day-to-day lives. However, I write this entry so I can link to it from other entries that mention “mean”, “average”, or “median”. Most of us see these terms only in news stories about the economy:[…]

1998: Cubic Vs. Square Footage

[No date was recorded for this; just “1998”.] (Cubic Vs. Square Footage: As it relates to living area) Please note that this essay will contain many mathematical equations. If you are unfamiliar with math, you may have trouble reading this. To begin our discussion, let us look at an example. Let us assume the average[…]

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