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Mike Pence’s Apparent Marriage Eccentricities Are The Wrong Place To Attack

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Published on: 2017.03.31

There are enough things wrong with Mike Pence the politician that you’d think liberal-leaning media outlets could focus solely on those. Of course, I’m not against delving into politician’s personal affairs — after all, they suckle at the public teat and I want to know where all my money is going. And I’m certainly not[…]

When A Metaphor Is Really Poorly Constructed

Modern Day Jesus, by conservative logic (Copyright © 2002, 2015 by Wil C. Fry.) If Kim Davis is a “modern day Rosa Parks”, then I’m Jesus Christ.

Huckabee Is Right For Once

Preacher and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been wrong on so many points it’s difficult to keep track, but he shouldn’t be butchered when he’s correct, as he was this morning when interviewed by CNN. “Regardless, heterosexual marriage is largely in trouble today because people see it as a selfish means of pleasing self, rather[…]

Imaginationland Versus Real Life, Regarding Marriage Equality

Seminole County, Okla. (Copyright © 2005 by Wil C. Fry.) I’m tempted to believe that “news” sites like The Blaze are written by liberal trolls trying to make conservatives look bad. People can’t actually believe this stuff, can they? An example is this piece from a few days ago: “Gay Marriage Still Doesn’t Exist, No[…]

Happy Father’s Day To Me

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Published on: 2015.06.21

With my children on the Galveston Ferry (Copyright © 2015 by Marline Fry.) This is, difficult as it is to believe, my fifth Father’s Day as a Dad. Some day, I will have much more fatherhood on which to reflect, but I already have plenty. I have failed greatly in so many ways. But I[…]

Oh To Be Middle-Aged, And In Love

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Published on: 2015.02.14

Dec. 10, 1994: Skinny Wil and Young Margy (Copyright © 1994 by William R. Fry. All Rights Reserved.)   No one says they want to be “middle-aged and in love”. The phrase specifically mentions “young”. I don’t know why. I can’t understand why. I’m middle-aged, and in love, and I like it that way. Twenty[…]

10 ‘Reasons’ To Outlaw Gay Marriage

Will gay marriage affect you? (Copyright © 2009 by David Goehring.) Over the past couple of years, as same-sex marriage has become legal in an growing number of U.S. states, I’ve followed the news on it with curiosity — not because I’m gay (I’m not), but because I can’t see what all the fuss is[…]

2014 In Pictures: A Few Favorites

My first-ever “sunrise-over-water” photo, Corpus Christi, Texas, July   (All photographs in this blog entry are Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry, with some rights reserved.)   The year just ended doesn’t feel like one of my better years in photography, nor do I remember any game-changing photographs from the year. Still, I produced[…]

Non-Religious Marriage Prohibited?

Forgive me for not keeping abreast of all the laws of all the countries around the world, but I was surprised this morning to read that a “humanist” (secular) marriage in Englad doesn’t carry the same legal weight as a religious ceremony. (That source, while likely more reputable, has a paywall. Here’s a more complete[…]

‘Scandal’ Keeps Lying To You About Love

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Published on: 2014.11.03

I do enjoy ABC’s show “Scandal” (starring Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn) — mainly because it presents the secret workings of the White House and U.S. government in general in such a dark-yet-incompetent light that I can’t help but refuse to believe it. But one of the main threads of the show’s plot from the[…]

Keeping Secrets

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Published on: 2013.02.23

In one of the photography forums I frequent, this question arose: Is it just me, or does anyone else keep secrets from their loved ones when purchasing camera equipment? … I have occasionally bought … without saying anything (because they look very similar, so I guessed she wouldnt know the difference). Occasionally I also lie[…]

Meeting Her…. Or Him

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Published on: 2005.08.08

The method by which a man and a woman meet has changed, imperceptibly, over the centuries. I guess it wasn’t difficult in pre-historic times, when a tribe/clan/family had only a few dozen members. When a male was born, it was pretty much predetermined with which female he would eventually be partnered. Occasionally, the small pack[…]

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