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The Elusive Definition Of ‘Life’

Ever since we humans developed language, certain words have had exact and universal definitions. But other words… not so much. Perhaps strangely, some of the most important words/concepts have been the most difficult to define. Dead As Dirt This patch of dried mud looks entirely dead. However, a microscope would reveal that it’s teeming with[…]

Rethinking My Journal (2015)

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Published on: 2015.09.01

I’ve mentioned my journals often here, but never their complete story. If only for me, I wanted to set this down from memory.

How Many Times Have You Moved?

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Published on: 2015.01.31

Our house in Japan, circa 1976 The average U.S.ian will move 11.3 (or 11.7) times in her lifetime, according to this story from 538. You’re more likely to move if you’re poor, non-white, and younger. For me, the oddest thing about the story is that it didn’t define “move”. For example, I might not count[…]

Would My Future Self Approve?

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Published on: 2014.09.04

This is me, 25 years ago I’ve often thought: “What if I could go back to myself at a younger age, and offer him [the younger me] some advice? What would I say?” This assumes of course, that I could convince the younger me that I’m the older him. (“No, seriously. I’m you in 25[…]

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