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Judicial Nominee Stirs Ire

Though I follow political news fairly closely these days, even I haven’t heard of every low-level judicial nominee that President Donald Trump has put forth. One that I hadn’t heard of before is Howard C. Nielson Jr. — Trump nominated Nielson in September but the appointment hasn’t yet been confirmed by the Senate. Nielson, the[…]

Exploring Ideas: ‘Reverse Discrimination’ and ‘Reverse Racism’

Seen on a medical clinic survey (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) I’ve heard the terms “reverse racism” and “reverse discrimination” used almost interchangeably, though the former usually refers to white people not receiving preferential treatment over minorities, while the latter can apply to all kinds of discussions. The terms are most noticeably used[…]

Sometimes A Judge Has To Tell People What To Do

In The News: Tennessee Judge Orders Baby’s Name Changed From ‘Messiah’ (WBIR, Channel 10 News, Knoxville, Tenn.) In principle, I’m against government interference in our daily lives and decisions, our assumed right to live according to our own customs and beliefs. But all our rights only extend until they begin interfering with other people’s rights.[…]

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