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How Much Do You Know About DACA?

“Who in their right mind can be against DACA?” is my latest question for anyone remaining in my circles that still plans to vote Republican. Not that anyone from that side will answer. They’ve ignored my previous requests for explanations — for example when I asked about President Trump’s promotion of violence against the news[…]

‘Failure’ Depends On Your Goals

Original source appears to be this tweet I’m not sure which logical fallacy this falls under. But it certainly seems to be a poor analogy. (And it has an extraneous comma in the middle.) The meme (based on a real tweet) says: “I hope Donald Trump is a good president. Wanting him to fail, is[…]

Hillary And Me

I mentioned recently that “I’ve never been a fan” of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and so I set out to examine why. I’ll also probably vote for her, despite disagreeing in several places — because no one else with a chance of getting elected even comes close. When I first heard of her (early 1990s), I[…]

Since You Asked, My Opinion On Last Night’s Speech

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Published on: 2014.11.21

Actually, only one person asked. And to be truthful, they only asked if I watched the speech, not what I thought about it. The answer was no, I didn’t watch it. I waited until morning and read the transcribed version, which took under two minutes, rather than the 15 minutes it took for him to[…]

We Are All Immigrants

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Published on: 2012.11.16

I recently watched two well-known conservative commentators on TV discussing the changing face of American voting demographics. One said “…it’s not a traditional America anymore” and then “The white establishment is now the minority”. Their continuing conversation made it sound like the U.S. had pretty much been homogenous up until the 2012 election, when it[…]

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