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Are Humans A Superior Species?

Here’s a question I found in a Facebook forum recently: Why Nature Choosed? English almost certainly isn’t the questioner’s first language, so I’m only considering the underlying assumptions in the question(s). Why nature choosed humans to be superior . . . ? Why not cats, whales, or eagles to lead . . . ? English[…]

Some Of Earth’s Languages Are ‘Endangered’

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Published on: 2014.09.03

* Economic Growth Has Put A Quarter Of The World’s Languages At Risk Of Extinction (Business Insider, 2014.09.03) * 25% of World’s Languages Are Threatened (livescience, 2014.09.03) There are, according to Business Insider, 6,909 known human languages on Earth. The same articles says “…about a quarter of [them are] threatened.” The livescience (which doesn’t capitalize[…]

Save the Whatever

(Originally published on Dec. 31, 2003, as part of my “Off-Center Thoughts”) I am fully in agreement with those super-intelligent human activists who believe that all humans should unite together to save … well, everything. For the most part, of course, these activists (purportedly human) have forgotten to save the humans, but they can’t be[…]

Future Possibilities Of Evolution

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Published on: 1996.07.31

[Started 1996.07.31] A strange thought just struck me as I was reading Douglas Adams’ novel “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.” Not that the novel was the catalyst of this strange thought, although it could have been. For the most part, science fiction usually assumes, and many times even states implicitly that the world as we[…]

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