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A Fundamental Misunderstanding Of Words (And Reality)

I found this week’s silly meme on the Facebook page of a friend who normally publishes pro-liberal items, so I was taken aback. Later, he edited his post to say he didn’t agree with it and just wanted to start some conversations. A Silly Meme Click the image to see a legible version The text[…]

My Position On Gun Rights / Gun Control

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Published on: 2013.01.17

As Fate would have it, I had spent quite a bit of time prepping a blog entry about my position on gun control before the Dec. 14, 2012, shooting at a grade school in Connecticut. At that point, curious as to what rhetoric would be vomited across the nation, I withheld my words in draft[…]

Some Things I Considered When Forming My Opinion on Gun Control

Following are some of the facts, opinions, and viewpoints I considered when forming my current opinion on gun control. Much In Common Ironically, both sides (conservative and liberal) are driven to some degree by fear. One side fears the loss of freedom in general, the loss of protection from home invasion or attack, loss of[…]

Realism About Gun Restrictions

As often happens immediately after a firearm-related tragedy, huge emotion-laden efforts have been launched to enact “some form” of gun control in the United States. The proponents are banking on the very real worries and fears that arise after such a tragedy, and the uncountable conversations that arise as a result. But being realistic, what[…]

Using Death As A Political Advantage

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how quickly the news stories shifted yesterday from “Shooting at Connecticut School” to “It’s Time To Get Rid of Guns”. But I still am always surprised at how that happens in the U.S. I suppose political activists have learned that it’s much easier to press their agenda[…]

They Know About Your Gun

(Originally published Nov. 9, 2003, as part of my “Off-Center Thoughts”) The NRA tells us that it’s okay to “hunt” sweet little animals with UZI submachine guns, and use bazookas for home protection. At the same time, bleeding heart liberals say they want to take all our weapons, including our fingernails, because it’s just slightly[…]

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