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Why We Still Need Feminism : Mansplainer Version

Note: This is a very long entry, with many dozens of examples and source links. While I would LOVE it if readers made it all the way through, I understand why they might not. If you want a short, summarized version, click here. In 2009, SCOTUS was composed of eight men and one woman. Ruth[…]

2016 Election: Early Preview (UPDATED)

(First published 2015.02.26. Updated as recently as 2015.07.11 to mark which candidates are running, and to add paragraphs for (some) unexpected candidates.) My daughter will need a new presidential placemat after the next election (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Of course, it’s too early to talk seriously about the 2016 presidential election, but[…]

My Observations On Regulations

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Published on: 2015.02.10

A Question That Shouldn’t Need Answering

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Published on: 2014.12.12

When someone asked on Twitter: “Who think govt involvement in our lives is a good idea?”, I naturally (naively?) responded “Um, I do.” It was no surprise that they had a followup question: “ok why?” I doubt anything I can say will convince someone who believes government should be abolished (or cease “involvement in our[…]

How Many In Congress Are Like You?

The Guardian today released an interactive map so you can see how many senators and representatives are “like” you. Two people in Congress are male, white, straight, under 44, with some college  

The Executive Order ‘Crisis’

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Published on: 2014.07.13

In case you get one of those stupid emails claiming that President Barack Obama has issued close to a thousand executive orders during his five-and-a-half years in office, be sure to write back to the sender that the numbers are a little off. Like more than five times off. Obama has issued (as of this[…]

Book Review: The American Presidents (Whitney, 2012)

Full Title: The American Presidents: Biographies of the Chief Executives, from George Washington through Barack Obama Author: David C. Whitney (revised and updated by Robin Vaughn Whitney) Year: 1967, various updates through 2009 Publisher: several (mine was Reader’s Digest Association) ISBN 978-1-60652-462-6 View it on Amazon View it on Google Books I found this book[…]

The Sad Things About David Camp’s Tax Plan

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Published on: 2014.03.02

In The News: GOP Tax Plan Lowers Rates, Repeals Popular Breaks (AP, Feb. 26, 2014) Rep. David Camp Releases Tax Overhaul Plan (NPR, Feb. 26, 2014) How to Fix Dave Camp’s Tax Plan (Forbes, Feb. 27, 2014) Dave Camp’s lonely pursuit of tax reform (Washington Post, Feb. 28, 2014) First revealed as a “House Republican[…]

To Gun, Or Not To Gun? Depends On Whim Of Police

A jury in Temple, Texas, is deliberating the case of Christopher Grisham, an active duty Army Master Sgt. who was arrested in front of his son for — we’re still not sure exactly what. Grisham and his son were hiking back in April, on a rural road. A concealed-carry permit holder, Grisham was carrying a[…]

Day 14: The Sideline Stories

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Published on: 2013.10.14

The longer the Republican-engineered shutdown continues, the more I’m seeing stories about its ripple effects. Shutdown Hinders S.D. Post-Blizzard Cleanup (NPR) Friday Shutdown Reader: The Impending Meaningless Deaths of Lab Animals (The Atlantic) Federal courts face agonizing delays during government shutdown (CBS News) Veterans, worried about benefits, to protest shutdown (USA Today)

Day 11 of the Government Shutdown

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Published on: 2013.10.11

The shutdown is still going on, apparently. (As some of you know and others may have guessed, I was out of the house for a couple of days, taking care of important family business — my kid’s birthday.)

Day 6 of the Government Shutdown: Struggling Already?

I’ll gripe about this shutdown till Congress fixes it, but let’s be honest: people shouldn’t be “struggling with bills” just yet, as some stories are already reporting.

Some Furloughed Civilians Back To Work

FOX News has reported that the Pentagon is recalling “most of … approximately 400,000” of the furloughed civlian employees, based on the Pay Our Military Act — signed just before the “shutdown”.

Day 5: It Gets Worse

As the government shutdown enters its 5th day (6th here in most of the U.S.; it began before midnight on Sept. 30), the situation in D.C. isn’t getting better. It looks like it’s getting worse.

‘Overwhelming’ Doesn’t Mean What Pierson Thinks It Means

A recent news article (Support for shutdown in Texas) quotes a Tea Party leader Katrina Pierson as saying: “…what we saw in the last elections is that Republicans were overwhelmingly elected in the Congress, which is the voice of the people.” Fact check: More people cast votes for Democratic candidates than Republican candidates in the[…]

Day Four Of The Government ‘Shutdown’

The longer this Congressional impasse continues, the less apt I am to blame both sides as I did originally. Yesterday and this morning, I’ve been reading quite a bit of insulting (and sometimes downright nonsensical) language from the right.

Healing The High Cost Of Health Care (Long Version)

(This is the long version. Click here to read the short version.) What cost $2,000 at one hospital might cost $235 at another one, according to an NPR story. And that’s just a tiny glimpse; there are many more example in Steve Brill’s exposé in Time Magazine (online content is only available to paid subscribers;[…]

NSA Update: They Search More Than They Said They Did

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Published on: 2013.08.21

Previous NSA entries on this blog: • NSA Updates: They Did Break The Rules • Existence, Not Transparence, Is The Issue • Obama Frustration New NSA News: • NSA Surveillance Reach Broader Than Publicly Acknowledged (FOX News, Aug. 21, 2013) • The NSA Searches Ten Times As Much Of The Internet As It Said It[…]

Obama Frustration

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Published on: 2013.08.10

I made no secret of my support for Barack Obama leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election, and I stand by everything I’ve said on this blog. Note two things though: (1) I was supporting Obama against Mitt Romney, and (2) I criticized Obama before the election as well. I still think Obama is a[…]

Spy Program Inevitable, Yet Pointless

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Published on: 2013.06.11

Seen from a historical perspective, the ongoing flap over Eric Snowden’s “whistleblowing” (Google News search) probably won’t be that big of a deal. It just seems big right now, since media organizations all over the world just got a rush of juicy information and they’re passing it along to you faster than they can think[…]

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