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That Reading Statistics Meme Is Just Wrong

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Published on: 2017.01.07

The meme in question. This cute little chart popped up on social media recently. I saw it from at least three different people, on at least three different platforms (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). It makes the following claims, without citing a source: • 33% of high school graduates never read another book the rest of[…]

Lost And Found: ‘The Annals Of The Pickle, Etc.’

Front cover of original typed Pickle documents (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry.) My siblings might remember me saying “Praise The Pickle” a few times, decades ago. Intense readers of these blogs with good memories will recall that I mentioned this in the past: • Praise The Pickle (11 years ago) • Vegging Out[…]

Some New Fiction, For Once

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Published on: 2014.04.13

When I read about police clashing with protesters (example: recent New Mexico incidents), I realize the average person (including me, of course) is often unaware of all the factors that lead up to such clashes. We know that protesters sometimes overstep their bounds — blocking traffic, negatively affecting local businesses — and we know that[…]

Book Review: The Key To Rebecca (Follett, 1980)

Full Title: The Key To Rebecca Author: Ken Follett Year: 1980 Publisher: several (mine was Penguin Books) ISBN 978-0-451-20779-1 View it on Amazon View it on Google Books First, it should be clear that I didn’t buy/read this book because I have a daughter named Rebecca. I first heard of this book a few years[…]

Sometimes The Questions Are Enough

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Published on: 2001.05.03

(Thoughts On Life, Thursday, May 3, 2001) Within each of us is an author, a creator, a visionary — a force that leads and guides us and creates life by the mere action of living. Whether our exterior persona actually writes, creates or envisions the future is irrelevant. Every breath consumed by each of us[…]

Story Idea: Big Computer

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Published on: 2000.12.03

— History buffs manage to get enough money to build the galaxy’s largest computer. Crews work around the clock for years, inputting every known historical fact, all sides of historical controversies; other facts: scientific facts, scores & stats of sports teams; diaries & journals of famous people (later added other journals & diaries); medical information;[…]

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