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Stop Saying Robert E. Lee Was ‘Against Slavery’

Colonel Robert E. Lee This man both owned slaves and ordered them beaten. Additionally, he led armies of hundreds of thousands of men with the sole purpose of defending the institution of slavery. I use “colonel”, because that’s the highest rank he attained in the U.S. Army. Every single time Robert E. Lee is mentioned[…]

So Much Winning! (And By ‘Winning’, I Mean ‘Prison’)

Presidential Scandals This chart, from Daily Kos, compares the number of indictments, convictions, and prison sentences among presidential administrations back through Nixon. As the Robert Mueller investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign heated up late last week (resulting in arrests this morning), I started seeing a copy/paste comment around social media. The short form is:[…]

Inside The Mind Of An Evangelical Trump-Supporter

This is a page from a Donald Trump coloring book on sale for $8 at Sam’s Club in Killeen, Texas. Remember that there are people in our country who bought this intentionally and unironically. (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry.) Raised in a politically conservative religious household, I typically have a good understanding of[…]

The Most Important Freedom, At Least For Now

I would someday be interested in an informed discussion on whether some of our constitutionally-protected rights are more important than others, or should be. For example, if you had to give up one enumerated freedom, which would you choose? (If we’re going with the original Constitution and Bill of Rights, I would give up the[…]

A Poor Start To My War On Misinformation

Note the “I don’t care” response after I pointed out the quote was fake. As I said in my previous entry: If someone else posts fake news, I’ll let them know. This hasn’t won me many friends, but I’m not in life to have a bunch of friends who share fake news. It just so[…]

Is Obama Planning Another Pearl Harbor?

In light of recent shocking revelations that Barack Obama is the “founder of ISIS” (source: Trump) and that “successful radical Islamic terrorist attacks in the United States… all started when Clinton and Obama got into office” (source: Giuliani*), there are more “facts” to recognize. Hawaii was admitted to the union in ’59. Barack Obama was[…]

War On Christianity? (UPDATED)

Fox News has claimed (more often on-air) that the U.S. government — specifically Barack Obama — has declared “War on Christianity”. While I enjoyed Jon Stewart’s sarcastic response, I wanted to fact check the original claim — as much as a nebulous claim can be fact-checked. The op-ed I cited above lists several specific factual[…]

No, He Didn’t Actually Say That

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Published on: 2015.03.17

Oh how it bugs me when folks attribute a quote to Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson, as if that lends more power to the words. “If someone as important as Jefferson said it, then it must be true!” they seem to indicate. Most of them are likely just passing along what they’ve heard without looking[…]

My Rep. Needs A Little Help Representing Me

I’m sometimes a glutton for punishment. For example, on Twitter I “follow” @JudgeCarter, the online handle of U.S. Representative John Carter (R-Texas), who happens to be my locally elected representative to the U.S. government (District 31). A few times, I’ve replied to his inaccurate Tweets, including this exchange:

Fact Check: Length of ACA, etc.

After reading a moderately well-written (but poorly informed) letter to the editor called “Obamacare not the change we’re looking for” on our local newspaper’s website, I saw a comment underneath that boiled my blood. I wasn’t upset because the comment represented a different point of view, but because it so blatantly used misinformation to support[…]

‘Overwhelming’ Doesn’t Mean What Pierson Thinks It Means

A recent news article (Support for shutdown in Texas) quotes a Tea Party leader Katrina Pierson as saying: “…what we saw in the last elections is that Republicans were overwhelmingly elected in the Congress, which is the voice of the people.” Fact check: More people cast votes for Democratic candidates than Republican candidates in the[…]

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