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When My Own Family’s Posts Are Racist, Sexist

Categories: Bigotry, Personal, Racism, Sexism
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Published on: 2017.06.26

I’ve blurred the avatar and first name because I don’t want to focus on one individual’s behavior. But I’ve left the surname visible: this was posted by a member of my extended family, someone I’ve known since childhood. I’ve been open about unfriending more than a dozen social media contacts last year (several of whom[…]

Why I ‘Friended’ You

(Note: I really wish I had finished this entry before this weekend’s Trump revelations. I don’t want anyone to think this is about that. I’ve been working on this entry for months.) Using my only superpower: Overthinking (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) I’ve wanted to write about “why I unfriended you” for so[…]

Oh, Those Silly Political Comments

See it larger or read the block quote on this page I won’t defend Hillary Clinton against every random social media post that’s negative about her (because I’m not a huge fan of hers anyway), but I need to respond to one that was left early this morning.

Check Your Likes, Just In Case

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Published on: 2015.06.06

Since re-joining Facebook last year — primarily to communicate with neighbors via a private group — I’ve reconnected with many family members and several old friends, with whom I otherwise wouldn’t communicate very often (or at all). That’s a topic for a different day. Facebook, like it or not, is a huge part of how[…]

Google/Facebook Collusion?

Categories: Internet
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Published on: 2014.06.12

This is weird. Facebook made a suggestion for a friend based on a Google search I’d done the day before. Long story short, I came across a person’s name in my journal — from my high school days — a name I hadn’t seen or thought about for 20+ years. The first name is relatively[…]

Why Twitter And Not Facebook?

Categories: Internet, Personal
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Published on: 2014.03.19

A friend recently expressed dismay that I was on Twitter but not on Facebook. “But on Facebook, you can do everything in one place,” she noted with an incredulous tone.

Bypassing Bureaucracy With Facebook, The Killeen Edition (UPDATED)

Categories: Internet, Pet Peeve
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Published on: 2013.10.30

If you live in a small town like the one I called home in Oklahoma for nine years, bureaucracy really isn’t an issue, though local officials try really hard to degrease the wheels of progress. If you need to know something, you can ask the mayor when you see him in church on Sunday, or[…]

How To Get Around Facebook’s New Privacy Snafu

Categories: Internet, InTheNews
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Published on: 2013.10.10

In The News: Now anyone can find you on Facebook (CNET) Millions are up in figurative arms about Facebook’s recent decision to let anyone find you with a search. (Previously, you could opt to hide yourself from searches.) Fortunately, the solution is very easy. So easy in fact that many seem to miss it.

ITN: Facebook Considers Abandoning User Votes

Categories: Business, InTheNews
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Published on: 2012.11.22

In The News: The end of digital democracy? Facebook wants to take away your right to vote (CNN) I was surprised to read that it’s considered a “right” to vote on Facebook. (But then, I’m not a Facebook user.) You’ll find very few businesses, especially ones as large as Facebook, that allow customers to directly[…]

Why Is Facebook So Popular?

Categories: InTheNews, TechReview
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Published on: 2012.05.19

I read an article today: How Facebook quickly took over the Web. Like many online news articles, the headline was not indicative of the content. In the second paragraph, the writer asked: “But how did it achieve its grip on the global market?”, provided a link to another article, and then left that question behind.[…]

Behind the Times

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Published on: 2012.02.03

Two decades ago, I was ahead of the times, even among my own generation. Now it appears I’m way behind. Though it was a conscious decision, it sometimes feels like the wrong decision. Discuss:

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