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Dear Alabama: You Have A White People Problem

Just look at the statistics from last night’s election in Alabama:   Election Results By Race/Sex In Alabama last night, black people — especially black women — made the right choice. White people? Not so much. Especially white men.   As I’ve mentioned before, Alabama gun-toter Roy Moore wasn’t the worst candidate purely because of[…]

Which State Is Most Representative Of The U.S.?

NPR recently published a nice breakdown of state-by-state demographics, with the intent to show which of the U.S.’s 50 states most represents the nation as a whole. The whole purpose of the story was to see which state’s presidential primaries should be first. (Of course, that’s silly; no state should go first.) Based on their[…]

Racism Is Natural? No. No, It’s Not.

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Published on: 2015.04.30

Is racism inborn, or taught, or some combination of the two? This question has been actively explored by psychologists, neuroscientists, and others in various fields — and of course it’s been pontificated on by people with no expertise in any particular field, kind of like what I’m about to do. • Racism Is ‘Hardwired’ Into[…]

How Many In Congress Are Like You?

The Guardian today released an interactive map so you can see how many senators and representatives are “like” you. Two people in Congress are male, white, straight, under 44, with some college  

Thoughts On ‘Mulatto’

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Published on: 2014.10.01

Yesterday was the first time I heard the word “mulatto” spoken aloud in at least 10 years. This time it was reference to my children, used as part of a compliment: “Mulatto children are … [huge pause] … so beautiful. I have always thought so.” (Old white guy in Central Texas, with a noticeable German[…]

Media Could Be A Bit More Careful When Reporting Studies

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Published on: 2014.09.01

A few days ago, this Washington Post article made the claim: “…when we talk about race in our personal lives, we are by and large discussing it with people who look like us.” Citing a recent study by PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute), the Post author said: “…the average black person’s friend network is eight[…]

What My Parents Told Me About Race

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Published on: 2013.09.29

The question was posed by an NPR article: What Did Your Parents Tell You About Race?, and answered by many readers via Twitter or comments underneath the article (spurring yet another article). I chose to consider the question a little more fully and answer on my own blog rather than lose it amongst hundreds of[…]

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