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This Draft-Dodger Meme Dodges Truth And Common Sense

(I know it isn’t Saturday, but I don’t feel like changing the name of this series: “Silly Meme Saturday” for one entry.) Today’s Silly Meme I found this meme on Facebook, where the person who posted it was making fun of a Trump voter in her family. “You Elected A Draft Dodger!” is apparently meant[…]

Dear Alabama: You Have A White People Problem

Just look at the statistics from last night’s election in Alabama:   Election Results By Race/Sex In Alabama last night, black people — especially black women — made the right choice. White people? Not so much. Especially white men.   As I’ve mentioned before, Alabama gun-toter Roy Moore wasn’t the worst candidate purely because of[…]

What If The Moore-Jones Election Was Reversed?

NPR’s story about the special election in Alabama got me to wondering: “What if the roles were reversed? What if it was the Democrat who was accused of philandering with teen girls, who had been removed from high government offices twice for violating court orders, who had a history of horrible policy and behavior? Would[…]

Four Things

Several topics floated around recently, but nothing I really wanted to write on at length — on the off-chance anyone was wondering: “Why hasn’t Wil blogged lately?”

By The Numbers (2016 Election)

As I noted four years ago, I’m fascinated by numbers, so despite how my emotional reaction differs from 2012, I still enjoyed looking at the tallies after 2016’s presidential election.   County-by-county results map from 2016 election (Screenshot from The New York Times.)  

I Have Never Been So Sad To Be So Right

I called it in 2012: “I will now be the first person to project the winner of the 2016 Presidential election. I hereby project* that the Republican candidate will win in 2016.” And I doubled down nine months ago: “To summarize, I think it’s next-to-certain that the Democratic nominee this year will be Hillary Clinton,[…]

Do The Math

The meme insinuates we should be able to pay for health care with $2 billion This meme popped into my Facebook timeline three separate times this weekend. It says (I’ve fixed the all-caps issue): “Welcome to America where we will spend $2 billion on an election, but we can’t afford to give everyone free healthcare.”[…]

VP Debate: Far Better Than Last Week’s Embarrassment

As expected, last night’s VP debate (Tim Kaine and Mike Pence — again excluding all but the two most prosperous parties) was calmer, more measured, and much more like a traditional political debate than was the debacle of the week before. We knew this going in because both Kaine and Pence are known for being[…]

Why I’ll Vote Democrat Until The RNC Crumbles

In the past, I’ve voted Independent, Libertarian, and other parties as a kind of halfhearted protest against the two-party stranglehold on state-level and national politics in our country. And for a couple of years, it seemed a few other people did too. But the movement gained no traction. I realized eventually that one of the[…]

Why We’ll Have A Republican President In 2017

So many choices (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Yes, I predicted in 2012 (end of that entry) that this 2016 election would go to a Republican. At the time, it was more of a gut feeling combined with the fact that Mitt Romney won two more states in 2012 than John McCain had[…]

2016 Campaign: What Will Change In The Coming Year (UPDATED)

There are polls/surveys that show who might win if the 2016 general election were held now. A Trump-Clinton election would be won by Hillary Clinton (except for the Fox News poll). John Bush would win a Bush-Clinton election (except for the NBC poll). By an even greater margin, and with no exceptions, Ben Carson would[…]

Qualifications To Be U.S. President [Updated]

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Published on: 2015.08.07

This morning, Richard Dawkins complained that there should be more “relevant” qualifications for being president than being 35 years of age or older and being born in the U.S. (He did admit that his own country has a more bizarre way of choosing a head of state.) But he missed something very important, I think.

Hillary And Me

I mentioned recently that “I’ve never been a fan” of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and so I set out to examine why. I’ll also probably vote for her, despite disagreeing in several places — because no one else with a chance of getting elected even comes close. When I first heard of her (early 1990s), I[…]

2016 Election: Early Preview (UPDATED)

(First published 2015.02.26. Updated as recently as 2015.07.11 to mark which candidates are running, and to add paragraphs for (some) unexpected candidates.) My daughter will need a new presidential placemat after the next election (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Of course, it’s too early to talk seriously about the 2016 presidential election, but[…]

ITN: FOX News Thinks 90% Is Suspicious

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Published on: 2012.11.14

In The News: FOX Questions Philadelphia Over Obama Percentages FOX News questioned the high percentages of votes for Barack Obama in several areas of Philadelphia, where the county as a whole voted 85.2% (over 500,000 votes) for the incumbent president and just over 14% for the Republican nominee. Some divisions within the county apparently voted[…]

Number-Crunching (Election)

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Published on: 2012.11.07

I’m one of those guys who likes numbers just for the sake of numbers. I actually enjoy statistics and math and comparisons. So the day after an election, I’m the guy that looks at those interactive red/blue maps on news websites and clicks through to see which county voted the highest percentage for one candidate[…]

Break It Down

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Published on: 2012.11.06

Trying to make sense of the election, pollsters put together charts like this one (from CNN):

They All Agreed

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Published on: 2012.11.06

By bedtime this evening, all major news networks were in agreement in projecting Barack Obama as the winner of today’s national election for President. And that was without any agreements on Florida or Virgina, both of whom were leaning toward Obama. And Colorado, also leaning Obama, hadn’t been counted yet. I think FOX News was[…]

No Surprise: Texas Polls

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Published on: 2012.10.06

A year ago, voter polls in Texas showed Republican candidate Mitt Romney leading President Barack Obama by just two percent in Texas (source). Since then, Romney has pulled away. The most recent Texas voter poll shows Romney leading by 19% in Texas.

Debates: The Anti-Trust Suit

Two U.S. Presidential candidates weren’t allowed to join the televised debates this year — Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein of the Green Party. Johnson has now filed an anti-trust lawsuit over the exclusion. So what’s the problem?

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