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The Elusive Definition Of ‘Life’

Ever since we humans developed language, certain words have had exact and universal definitions. But other words… not so much. Perhaps strangely, some of the most important words/concepts have been the most difficult to define. Dead As Dirt This patch of dried mud looks entirely dead. However, a microscope would reveal that it’s teeming with[…]

13 More Christian Questions

Categories: Evolution, Personal, Religion
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Published on: 2017.03.03

The definition of atheist is straightforward. In November, I responded to “10” (turned out to be 12) questions that a Christian supposedly posed to atheists. Today, I ran across another list. In case the Christians in my life have similar questions in mind but are unwilling to ask them, I post my answers here:

Thoughts On Friendship

Categories: Personal, Relationships
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Published on: 2015.12.23

Telling a story to my friend Wesley. We first met in 1988. (Copyright © 2007 by Marline Fry.) A while back, I read a nice post (click here to read it) on the topic of “what I want in a friendship”. My cousin-in-law wrote tenderly about being comfortable with someone, avoiding gossip, being “refreshed” after[…]

Huckabee Is Right For Once

Preacher and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has been wrong on so many points it’s difficult to keep track, but he shouldn’t be butchered when he’s correct, as he was this morning when interviewed by CNN. “Regardless, heterosexual marriage is largely in trouble today because people see it as a selfish means of pleasing self, rather[…]

Who Decides Whether It’s ‘True’ Islam?

Categories: InTheNews, Politics, Religion
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Published on: 2014.09.14

(Sources: David Cameron statement on David Haines, Politics Home, 2014.09.14, and Read Obama’s speech outlining his strategy against ISIS, Vox, 2014.09.10.) U.S. President Barack Obama said, a few days ago: “ISIL is not ‘Islamic’. No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. ISIL is a terrorist[…]

Words That Bug Me: Changing Definitions

Categories: Words That Bug Me
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Published on: 2014.02.17

Words that used to have multiple meaning but now just have one, or words that used to have a neutral connotation but now are inextricably tied to the negative connotation — these irritate me mainly because most of us have, at best, a tenuous grasp of the language, and it doesn’t help that words keep[…]

Opinions are like…

Categories: Fact Check, Language, Pet Peeve
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Published on: 2005.11.29

“Opinions are like assholes,” someone once told me. I think the point was that everyone has an opinion, and that opinions can sometimes be irritating. But I tend to disagree. I think opinions are beautiful, and everyone should be entitled to their opinions, no matter how offensive, ignorant, ill-informed, or poorly thought-out. And most opinions[…]

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