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So Much Winning! (And By ‘Winning’, I Mean ‘Prison’)

Presidential Scandals This chart, from Daily Kos, compares the number of indictments, convictions, and prison sentences among presidential administrations back through Nixon. As the Robert Mueller investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign heated up late last week (resulting in arrests this morning), I started seeing a copy/paste comment around social media. The short form is:[…]

Do We Need A Better Way To Address False Convictions?

As I read A Botched Trial Leads To $30 Million Judgment For Nebraska County That Can’t Pay (Washington Post), I was struck that the story sought sympathy for the county (Gage County, Nebraska) rather than for the six wrongfully convicted people who filed the lawsuit. In short: 68-year-old Helen Wilson was murdered in 1985 by[…]

What’s The Difference? It’s Easy To Spot.

In light of my recent entry about Kim Davis, the Rowan County (Ky.) clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses despite a court order, someone contacted me with this message: “Wil, did you see this post? Does Kim Davis lose her religious rights just because she is a public servant?” The post they linked to (on[…]

Martin Gets To Be Messiah Again

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Published on: 2013.10.25

You’ll remember the baby-naming case I mentioned two months ago, in which Messiah Martin was forcibly renamed Martin McCullough by a Tennessee judge. The decision has been overturned, according to the Houston Chronicle, by the “Chancery Court” of the humorously named “Cocke” County. And the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct has charged the original judge[…]

Sometimes A Judge Has To Tell People What To Do

In The News: Tennessee Judge Orders Baby’s Name Changed From ‘Messiah’ (WBIR, Channel 10 News, Knoxville, Tenn.) In principle, I’m against government interference in our daily lives and decisions, our assumed right to live according to our own customs and beliefs. But all our rights only extend until they begin interfering with other people’s rights.[…]

ITN: Court Orders Woman To Change Online Review

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Published on: 2012.12.08

In The News: Judge orders woman to tone down Yelp review as $750,000 defamation suit heads to court (The Verge) Apparently, Jane Perez posted a review on Yelp and Angie’s List, accusing Dietz Development “of both shoddy workmanship and jewelry theft”. According to The Verge’s story: “A police investigation revealed no conclusive evidence that Dietz[…]

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