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It’s A Mistake For Democrats To Oppose Everything On Principle

Flowchart for a rational debate (View larger) With Democrats nearly fading to obscurity after the 2016 elections — Republicans gained control of all three branches of the federal government, control 34 of 50 governor’s mansions, and 66 of 99 state legislative bodies — I think Democrats are mistaken to oppose everything the new regime proposes.[…]

Distracted From The Forest By The Bathroom Trees

The meme in question this week Unlike previous editions of Silly Meme Saturday, I didn’t find this meme liked or shared by family and/or friends, but it randomly appeared on my Facebook timeline anyway. This one says: “While the media keeps you distracted by bathrooms, Social Security recipients did not receive a cost of living[…]

Rep. John Carter On The Environment

Billions spent to dump sand on eroding shorelines Eleven days ago, I mentioned that Sen. John Cornyn had written back to me regarding my environmental plea (regarding the EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas regulations). Today, my U.S. Representative John Carter (of Texas, not Mars) replied via email in a very similar vein: “Dear Mr. Fry: Thank[…]

Sen. John Cornyn On The Environment

Climate Change, 1850 to present Last week, I contacted both my U.S. Senators and my U.S. Representative regarding climate change (read the petition). So far, only one — Sen. John Cornyn — has responded. I assume it’s a form letter, but this is what it said (in its entirety): “Dear Mr. Fry: Thank you for[…]

How Many In Congress Are Like You?

The Guardian today released an interactive map so you can see how many senators and representatives are “like” you. Two people in Congress are male, white, straight, under 44, with some college  

In Defense Of Obama?

Oct. 2014 Rolling Stone cover (Photo by Wil C. Fry.) As I pondered yet another article about President Barack Obama’s record on prosecuting whistleblowers under the Espionage Act (more than any other President), and how his is the “the most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered” (source), I was standing in line at the supermarket[…]

Basic Problem Solving

Problem-solving is a basic life skill. Even people who appear to be bad at it can still solve problems, even if not in a logical, efficient manner. Take babies for example. Problem: hungry. Solution: cry. Someone will provide nourishment.

Congress Wants A Cookie For Basic Job-Doing

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Published on: 2013.12.13

What’s being called the Murray-Ryan Budget passed the House of Representatives easily today, with much fanfare and handshaking. Those few against it seemed pretty well resigned to let it happen; they’ll fight again another day. Those in favor of it were strutting around like peacocks or winners of a beauty pageant. It was surreal to[…]

Day Four Of The Government ‘Shutdown’

The longer this Congressional impasse continues, the less apt I am to blame both sides as I did originally. Yesterday and this morning, I’ve been reading quite a bit of insulting (and sometimes downright nonsensical) language from the right.

Less Of A Shutdown And More Of An Insult

It always bugs me when politicians and journalists use “shutdown” when referring to Congress’ failure to pass a budget — or in this week’s case, a continuing resolution to fund the federal government. If you shut down something, it’s turned off, unusable, inert. Take for example your computer, or your car, or a McDonald’s. When[…]

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