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The Odd Yet Persistent Fear That Conscious A.I. Will Eradicate Humanity

Metal Man Seen in Austin, Texas. (Copyright © 2017 by Wil C. Fry.) Some of the greatest thinkers and innovators of our time have put a lot of energy into the question of whether robots or A.I. will someday achieve “consciousness” — and if they do, what outcomes will arise? Stephen Hawking noted wisely: “Success[…]

Windows 8: The First Day

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Published on: 2012.11.04

My first 24 hours with Windows 8 wasn’t pleasant, but the next 24 were a little better. I’m the kind of person who’ll only upgrade my operating system when I have to buy a new computer, so I’d skipped Vista (thankfully) and Windows 7 (too bad). This time, I just happened to need a new[…]

My Photo Flow

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Published on: 2011.01.15

I am often asked, in photography forums, “What is your workflow?” “Workflow,” in this context, is just a fancy word that means “process by which you download, backup, edit/format, etc. your images.” I like to call it my “photoflow” or “fotoflow”, which makes more sense. My workflow, per image, is probably much shorter than that[…]

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