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10 Bogus Explanations For Millennials’ Lack Of Religion

Christians — especially mistaken authors like “Doctor” Alex McFarland — are pretty worried about the Pew survey which shows younger U.S.ians are leaving religion in droves. Logically, for anyone concerned with the longevity of religion, there have to be two immediate goals: (1) find out what’s driving millennials away from the church, and (2) figure[…]

Muslim Reaction to Cartoons

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Published on: 2006.02.22

In light of the continuing protest over the “offensive” Muslim cartoons printed in a Danish newspaper in September 2005, I feel I must throw my tiny voice into the fray. As usual, I don’t expect very many people to agree with me. It’s just time to express my opinion. First, I understand that different people[…]

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