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Axing the Ambient/Aperture Axiom

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Published on: 2014.02.04

In various photography forums, I regularly see this old saw bandied about: “Your shutter speed controls the ambient-light exposure, while your aperture controls the flash exposure on your subject.” (Quoted from this page.) For me, the whole “shutter speed for ambient, aperture for flash” axiom has a few major problems.


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Published on: 2011.03.16

In photography terms, a “stop” is a unit of exposure value. To change any exposure setting that doubles or halves the light your camera records is considered a “full stop.” The main thing to remember here is the factor of two. Multiply by two or divide by two to know what the next full stop[…]

Importance of Aperture

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Published on: 2011.01.29

(All images in this blog entry are the intellectual property of Wil C. Fry and are Copyright © 2008 by Wil C. Fry.) As always, light is the most important element in photography. Nothing happens without light. Controlling light is the number one absolute best way to improve your photography. But given a specific type[…]

What Camera Settings Should You Use?

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Published on: 2010.02.19

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by beginning photographers. I see it on online forums every day. There is no simple answer. Just in case you missed it, I’ll say it again in a different way: No one can answer this question for you. In fact, the very question itself shows a[…]

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