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Date : February 2016

Why We’ll Have A Republican President In 2017

So many choices (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Yes, I predicted in 2012 (end of that entry) that this 2016 election would go to a Republican. At the time, it was more of a gut feeling combined with the fact that Mitt Romney won two more states in 2012 than John McCain had[…]

Challenging The Portrayals Of Atheists In The Media

(Copyright © 2012 by Wil C. Fry.) In a previous entry, Six ‘Facts’ About Atheists, As Slightly Misreported (2015.11.15), I noted that Carey Lodge’s piece in Christianity Today was close to fair, with only slight omissions and a few word-changes. It’s easy to see why hers would slip under the radar. Other media hit pieces,[…]

Another Pro Self-Driving Cars Entry

My nephew at the controls (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) Today I was reading the comments under NPR’s article “Should Self-Driving Cars Have Drivers Ready To Take Over?” The article itself didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said before, but the comment section — especially under their Facebook post — saw many readers[…]

January 2016: Warmest On Record

See full size image Source: NASA “January 2016 was not only Earth’s warmest January on record, but also featured the largest warm departure from average for any month, according to two separate analyses released this week.” Source: The Weather Channel “Scientists confirmed Wednesday that last month was the warmest January since records began, continuing a[…]

What If We Could Make The Internet Better? We Can.

Internet cafe in Cozumel (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) The world’s a decent enough place — most of us won’t get murdered, for example — but it could be better. I feel the same away about the internet: it’s wonderful, but it’s not as good as it could be. Even those of us[…]

What’s The Big Deal About Child Marriage In Islam?

I had fully intended this morning to blog about last night’s Democratic Debate, but as I searched out news on it, I became distracted by a story in international news that doesn’t seem to be getting the attention it probably should. Headline: Pakistan Bill Aiming To Ban Child Marriages Shot Down As ‘Anti-Islamic’ And ‘Blasphemous’[…]

Presidential Election Improvement Suggestions

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Published on: 2016.02.04

Voters waiting in line at a Church Of Christ in Seminole, Okla., November 2004 (Copyright © 2004 by Wil C. Fry.) NPR recently asked which state’s presidential primaries should be first, and did a lot demographic research into the differences between states and the U.S. median/average in several categories (more about that here). Of course,[…]

Which State Is Most Representative Of The U.S.?

NPR recently published a nice breakdown of state-by-state demographics, with the intent to show which of the U.S.’s 50 states most represents the nation as a whole. The whole purpose of the story was to see which state’s presidential primaries should be first. (Of course, that’s silly; no state should go first.) Based on their[…]

25 Most Rewatchable Movies

Statistics site FiveThirtyEight recently reported the results of a survey about which movies people consider “the most rewatchable”. (Follow the link to see their full results.) They didn’t qualify the word “rewatchable”, and neither did the respondents, so I don’t know whether they meant “I could watch this one again” or the more forceful “I[…]

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