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Date : October 2015

Deconstructing the “Bible Vs. Science” Meme

Categories: Religion, Science
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Published on: 2015.10.22

Click image to see it full size You’ve probably seen this meme if you follow Bible-pushers on social media. It purports to say “the Bible was right all along” while “science is only catching up to the Bible”. Unlike several I’ve seen, this one cites chapter and verse, which makes it easier to fact-check. One[…]

September 2015: Warmest On Record

So, September 2015 was keeping up with the Joneses, going into the record books as the warmest September on record. Further, 2015’s January through September was the hottest January through September of any year on record, leading several to predict that 2015 will break 2014’s mark as the warmest year ever recorded. (To clarify, for[…]

2016 Campaign: What Will Change In The Coming Year (UPDATED)

There are polls/surveys that show who might win if the 2016 general election were held now. A Trump-Clinton election would be won by Hillary Clinton (except for the Fox News poll). John Bush would win a Bush-Clinton election (except for the NBC poll). By an even greater margin, and with no exceptions, Ben Carson would[…]

First Impressions Of The First Democratic Debate

Tonight, I watched the first two hours of the first Democratic presidential debate. Following are some of my surprisingly brief first impressions.

Thoughts On The Fifth Anniversary Of My Daughter’s Birth

A photo from each birthday, zero through five (Copyright © 2010-2015 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   “This is the best birthday of my entire life!” said my daughter during her fifth birthday party yesterday. The phrase brought smiles to everyone who heard it. For her, the birthday meant gifts, cake, entertainment at[…]

What’s In A Name? (Letters) — Pt. 2

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Published on: 2015.10.05

Three years ago, I posted about the letters in our names, but my son wasn’t born then. Here’s the new edition: (Still not including surname that we all share.)

New York Times Pushes Anti-Recycling Claptrap

Week in and week out, Americans throw away piles of garbage, much of which could be recycled. This material ends up in landfills, many of which are not sealed. (Copyright © 2011 by Wil C. Fry.) An Oct. 3 op-ed in the New York Times (here) proclaims: “…[C]ities have been burying garbage for thousands of[…]

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