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Date : April 2015

Racism Is Natural? No. No, It’s Not.

Categories: Evolution, Racism
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Published on: 2015.04.30

Is racism inborn, or taught, or some combination of the two? This question has been actively explored by psychologists, neuroscientists, and others in various fields — and of course it’s been pontificated on by people with no expertise in any particular field, kind of like what I’m about to do. • Racism Is ‘Hardwired’ Into[…]

Rep. John Carter On The Environment

Billions spent to dump sand on eroding shorelines Eleven days ago, I mentioned that Sen. John Cornyn had written back to me regarding my environmental plea (regarding the EPA’s proposed greenhouse gas regulations). Today, my U.S. Representative John Carter (of Texas, not Mars) replied via email in a very similar vein: “Dear Mr. Fry: Thank[…]

Inter-Fetal Conversation Proves God Exists?

Categories: Religion
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Published on: 2015.04.20

Did you hear the one about the two babies in the womb? I’m not sure who wrote it — things like this get passed around social media without attribution, which is probably one of the worst things about social media. Anyway, in shortened form, it goes like this: “Two babies were in a mother’s womb.[…]

The Time Machine Keeps On Clicking

Categories: Photography
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Published on: 2015.04.19

Photography has taken a back seat for me lately, as I focus on parenting and self-preservation — I’ve had a couple of molars extracted and quit smoking, just to name a couple of priorities. But I still occasionally get something I’m really happy with. For those of you who don’t follow me on Flickr, here[…]

March 2015: Warmest Ever

While Republican Ted Cruz trots around the country pretending that he’s disproving global warming, the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans are quietly getting warmer all the time. Because, you know, science. March 2015 was the warmest March on record, and the first quarter of 2015 was the warmest first quarter on record. (When I first blogged[…]

Where The Money Goes

I saw this on Facebook yesterday:   “Hate” is a pretty strong word. As with most hate, the problem here is lack of knowledge/familiarity. The writer assumed the reason income taxes are so high is because so many people are drawing government assistance — welfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc., when they could be working. So[…]

Sen. John Cornyn On The Environment

Climate Change, 1850 to present Last week, I contacted both my U.S. Senators and my U.S. Representative regarding climate change (read the petition). So far, only one — Sen. John Cornyn — has responded. I assume it’s a form letter, but this is what it said (in its entirety): “Dear Mr. Fry: Thank you for[…]

‘Dying With Dignity’ Is More Moral

Medical Care has come a long way sing 1929 Photographer unknown “Dying with dignity” is the new, more palatable way to say what we meant by euthanasia in the past. But semantics haven’t fooled anyone; the concept is still hotly debated. For some people, the idea is abhorrent; others think it’s abhorrent to force dying[…]

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