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Date : January 2015

How Many Times Have You Moved?

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Published on: 2015.01.31

Our house in Japan, circa 1976 The average U.S.ian will move 11.3 (or 11.7) times in her lifetime, according to this story from 538. You’re more likely to move if you’re poor, non-white, and younger. For me, the oddest thing about the story is that it didn’t define “move”. For example, I might not count[…]

A Schism In Science: Empiricism Versus A Priori

I was fascinated recently to read this NPR story about a rising debate among theoretical physicists: “The Most Dangerous Ideas In Science”. Its main source was from the leading weekly international journal of science, Nature: Scientific Method: Defend The Integrity of Physics. “Faced with difficulties in applying fundamental theories to the observed Universe, some researchers[…]

‘Off The Grid’: Is It Possible?

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Published on: 2015.01.28

I hear the phrase “off the grid” in movies or TV shows, usually in reference to a criminal, or at least to someone that the government is after, even if they’re innocent. “I’ve got to get off the grid”, they’ll say. I assume they mean to become untrackable. Go without a mobile phone, stay off[…]

DNA Can’t Kill You. Oh Wait.

Sadly, I’m not making this up. Eighty percent of Americans surveyed said the government should put warning labels on foods that contain DNA. “WARNING: This product contains deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The Surgeon General has determined that DNA is linked to a variety of diseases in both animals and humans. In some configurations, it is a[…]

The Movies That Make Grown Men (And Women) Cry

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Published on: 2015.01.18

Here’s a happier subject than my usual fare: Which movies make you cry? Statistics news site 538 reports that 92% of survey respondents — both genders — report that they’ve cried during at least one movie, and of the remaining 8%, at least half admitted during followup questioning that they became “misty-eyed” or “choked up”[…]

(It’s Official) 2014: Hottest Year On Record

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Published on: 2015.01.16

While deniers continue to misunderstand the “hiatus” in global warming to mean that it stopped, it still hasn’t stopped. 2014 was the warmest year on record, surpassing the previous record-holder, 2010. Five separate months in 2014 were the hottest ever for those months, including May, June, August, September, and October. “The 10 warmest years on[…]

The War On Science, Republican Version (UPDATED)

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Published on: 2015.01.13

(In case you missed it, I haven’t blogged here much in the past couple of weeks. Partly this is due to being tired of outrage. I exhausted myself a bit last year being outraged. Also, because I did a ton of research for some of my entries, and I grew tired of that too. Also,[…]

ITN: Nanowire Clothing Could Change The Way We Heat

In The News: Nanowire Clothing Could Keep People Warm — Without Heating Everything Else “The researchers developed lightweight, breathable mesh materials that are flexible enough to coat normal clothes. When compared to regular clothing material, the special nanowire cloth trapped body heat far more effectively. Because the coatings are made out of conductive materials, they[…]

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