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Date : November 2014

A Bad Review Of No-Bad-Review Clauses

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Published on: 2014.11.30

Check carefully the next time you sign a contract with a business, whether it’s a hotel, a wedding photographer, an online sales site, or (someday) anything else. There appears to be a rash of “Non-disparagement clauses”, also known as “no bad review agreements”. I first heard of this on a photography blog where a former[…]

As I Said Before… (Thanksgiving)

Last year’s post on Thanksgiving was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. I must have had a pile of free time to think it through like that and get it published in time. I remembered it a few days ago and thought: “Hey, I should add to it this year!” But then[…]

Some Observations After Non-Indictment In Ferguson (UPDATED)

➤ No one was surprised by the Grand Jury’s decision. Are you not sick of being unsurprised? asks one writer. Statistics site 538 points out that it’s rare for police officers to be charged for any allegations of misconduct. Grand juries almost always return an indictment, yet almost never when it’s a police officer. The[…]

Vacant Houses Outnumber Homeless People?

Categories: Fact Check, Poverty
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Published on: 2014.11.24

An empty house near Bowlegs, Oklahoma (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) Someone I know posted on Facebook recently a photo of a guy holding a sign that read: “In the U.S., vacant houses outnumber homeless people.” (Yes, the cardboard sign actually had correct punctuation and spelling.) The link under the image was to[…]

Benghazi-gate More Tired Than Ever, But Still Costing Millions

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Published on: 2014.11.22

Just before the 2012 elections, I posted some critiques of President Barack Obama in an attempt to be “fair”, though I’d already decided to vote for him. One thing I mentioned was the terrorist attacks at our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. At the time, some anti-Obama sites were actually saying Obama was responsible for these[…]

Since You Asked, My Opinion On Last Night’s Speech

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Published on: 2014.11.21

Actually, only one person asked. And to be truthful, they only asked if I watched the speech, not what I thought about it. The answer was no, I didn’t watch it. I waited until morning and read the transcribed version, which took under two minutes, rather than the 15 minutes it took for him to[…]

What’s The Opposite Of Robin Hood?

A recent study on corporate taxes and CEO salaries found that seven of the U.S.’s 30 largest corporations are paying their CEOs higher amounts than the companies’ entire tax bills. Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Chevron, Citigroup, Verizon, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and General Motors were the seven companies named, which reported more than $74 billion[…]

My Take On ‘Income Inequality’

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Published on: 2014.11.19

The phrase “income inequality” has risen to prominence in the past few years, including President Barack Obama labeling it “the defining challenge of our time” and Pope Francis questioning: “How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock[…]

Revising And Unrevising History (1861-5)

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Published on: 2014.11.18

When I was in grade school, it was called the Civil War, and it was about slavery. Keep it simple for the little kids who aren’t paying attention anyway, right? When I was in high school, it was still the Civil War, but now the causes were more complicated: states rights, the economy, different ways[…]

False: ‘It’s Cold, So Science Is Wrong’

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Published on: 2014.11.17

Saw this on Facebook today   A person I haven’t seen in 20 years, but who asked to be my “friend” on Facebook recently, posted the above today. I understand why oilmen, coal magnates, and their paid politicians would say this (because “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil” I[…]

October 2014: Hottest Ever

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Published on: 2014.11.16

You might be noticing a trend here. 2014 is on pace to be the hottest year ever recorded, breaking records set previously by 2010, 2005, and 1998. I note that there was a seven-year gap from 1998 to 2005, then only a five-year gap to the next record. If 2014 sets a new record, it’ll[…]

More Praise For Less Green?

Categories: Environment, Fact Check
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Published on: 2014.11.16

This post is inspired by Neil deGrasse Tyson’s tweet from earlier today: “Odd that drivers of fuel efficient cars often get more green-praise than those who chose to live where they can walk to work.” While the sentiment seems true, I had a couple of immediate problems with this, because of what it assumes and[…]

How To Choose The Correct Media

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Published on: 2014.11.10

(This isn’t about the news media, but about internet — mostly social media and blogs — and how people use it poorly.) An example of an image file with text on it (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry.) Day after day, I see image files with words typed on them, links to YouTube videos[…]

Nice Doublespeak, Ft. Lauderdale

Categories: Government, InTheNews, Poverty
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Published on: 2014.11.08

Maybe you’re aware that more cities in the U.S. are banning or restricting feeding the homeless. Certainly you heard about last week’s crackdown in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., in which police issued citations to at least three people (two priests and a 90-year-old man) for breaking their new law. I tweeted about the last one a[…]

How Many In Congress Are Like You?

The Guardian today released an interactive map so you can see how many senators and representatives are “like” you. Two people in Congress are male, white, straight, under 44, with some college  

No Thanks, Mr. Cruz

Categories: Elections, Politics
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Published on: 2014.11.05

Sen. Ted Cruz (2013, Public Domain) This morning, after catching up on the news of yesterday’s overwhelming Republican sweep of Congress, I received an email from U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), with the subject line: “We fired Harry Reid and made Obama a lame duck.” As always, I first had to shrug aside the bothersome[…]

‘Scandal’ Keeps Lying To You About Love

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Published on: 2014.11.03

I do enjoy ABC’s show “Scandal” (starring Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn) — mainly because it presents the secret workings of the White House and U.S. government in general in such a dark-yet-incompetent light that I can’t help but refuse to believe it. But one of the main threads of the show’s plot from the[…]

In Defense Of Obama?

Oct. 2014 Rolling Stone cover (Photo by Wil C. Fry.) As I pondered yet another article about President Barack Obama’s record on prosecuting whistleblowers under the Espionage Act (more than any other President), and how his is the “the most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered” (source), I was standing in line at the supermarket[…]

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