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Date : September 2014

I’m In The Top 1%?

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Published on: 2014.09.30

Money (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   On Facebook, my sister linked to a cartoon series that insinuated we U.S.ians are the “top 1%”, after quoting Jesus from Matthew 19:23-24 (rich folks and a camel through the eye of a needle). So I looked it up (the cartoon didn’t list[…]

Neither Party Cares About The Debt

Purportedly independent yet admittedly liberal news site MotherJones tweeted several times recently: 1. The GOP doesn’t care about the debt 2. The GOP doesn’t care about the debt 3. The GOP doesn’t care about the debt And linked to their article about the Iraq War, which really just quotes someone else’s article that says the[…]

Poor Excuses To Deny Anthopogenic Global Warming (MOVED)

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Published on: 2014.09.23

The entirety of this post is now on my website, for easier updating and tending. New images and at least four new “excuses” have been added since the entry was originally published here.

My Take On The Whole NFL Violence Thing

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Published on: 2014.09.21

We’ve seen a lot in the news lately about professional football players being penalized by the league (either harshly or not harshly enough, depending on your viewpoint) for allegations of criminal violence. I rarely watch the NFL anymore, but I had a few thoughts on a few stories. I’m putting them here for future reference.[…]


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Published on: 2014.09.20

As of today, I’ve reached the milestone 42 — years of age, that is. As most of you know, it’s the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, but we still don’t know the ultimate question, since the Vogons destroyed the Earth five minutes before the supercomputer could reveal it. Douglas[…]

Another Poetry Chart

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Published on: 2014.09.19

Click here to see a size large enough to read stuff (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   Nearly two years ago, I published a chart I’d made in 2001, comparing my poetry output each year to my earnings and “dating activity”. Since then, I’ve updated the poetry section of my[…]

It Took A Study To Tell Them This?

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Published on: 2014.09.19

I was startled by the “findings” reported in this Mother Jones article. It struck me as another study that didn’t need to be done. “…if you ask the questions the right way, Americans know a lot more … than you might think.” Well, der, Mother Jones (and Yale law professor Dan Kahan, who released the[…]

UPDATED: Changed Air Force Rule Violates First Amendment & Article 6

UPDATE, 2014.09.19: The U.S. Air Force airmen mentioned below was eventually allowed to reenlist, according to later stories. “We take any instance in which airmen report concerns regarding religious freedom seriously,” Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James said. “We are making the appropriate adjustments to ensure our airmen’s rights are protected.” It was[…]

Scotland’s ‘Independence’: I Don’t Understand

The referendum asking for an independent Scotland says, in part: “Scotland will be a constitutional monarchy, continuing the Union of the Crowns… The position of Her Majesty the Queen as head of state will form an intrinsic part of the constitutional platform.” What? I don’t think “independence” means what they think it means. Additionally, the[…]

August 2014: Hottest Ever

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Published on: 2014.09.15

Sunrise in Corpus Christi, Texas (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   For three of the past four months, global temperature measurements have proved wrong the ultra-conservative meme “the earth hasn’t warmed in 16 years”. August 2014 was the hottest August ever recorded, according to NASA. (This follows news that June[…]

Who Decides Whether It’s ‘True’ Islam?

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Published on: 2014.09.14

(Sources: David Cameron statement on David Haines, Politics Home, 2014.09.14, and Read Obama’s speech outlining his strategy against ISIS, Vox, 2014.09.10.) U.S. President Barack Obama said, a few days ago: “ISIL is not ‘Islamic’. No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim. ISIL is a terrorist[…]

Google Is A Verb, Like It Or Not

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Published on: 2014.09.08

Google building in Austin, Texas (Copyright © 2011 by Wil C. Fry.) I recall saying it — though I’m not sure if I ever posted online about this — “Google is not a verb”. This likely arose from a bit of language snobbery to which I’m susceptible occasionally. I was wrong, of course. As far[…]

Would My Future Self Approve?

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Published on: 2014.09.04

This is me, 25 years ago I’ve often thought: “What if I could go back to myself at a younger age, and offer him [the younger me] some advice? What would I say?” This assumes of course, that I could convince the younger me that I’m the older him. (“No, seriously. I’m you in 25[…]

Flashback: Summer of ’84

My Fall 1984 school portrait (“Summer of ’84” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as the title/chorus of Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69, which was incidentally recorded in 1984, but I didn’t live through 1969.) What triggered my flashback: Returning from our neighborhood’s swimming pool with the kids. The smell of sunscreen and[…]

Some Of Earth’s Languages Are ‘Endangered’

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Published on: 2014.09.03

* Economic Growth Has Put A Quarter Of The World’s Languages At Risk Of Extinction (Business Insider, 2014.09.03) * 25% of World’s Languages Are Threatened (livescience, 2014.09.03) There are, according to Business Insider, 6,909 known human languages on Earth. The same articles says “…about a quarter of [them are] threatened.” The livescience (which doesn’t capitalize[…]

5 ‘Feminist’ Myths?

Categories: Fact Check, InTheNews, Sexism
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Published on: 2014.09.02

Time — which insists on using all caps to spell its name despite not being an acronym — recently ran an opinion piece called “5 Feminist Myths That Will Not Die”, asserting: “If we’re genuinely committed to improving the circumstances of women, we need to get the facts straight.” I’ll agree with that assertion, but[…]

How Many Black (Or White) ‘Friends’ Do You Have?

Categories: InTheNews, Relationships
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Published on: 2014.09.01

According to a recent Washington Post article, we white people don’t have as many black friends as we say we do. First, it’s important to note that the article cites a study that doesn’t quantify how many “friends” anyone has, but rather studies the “people with whom they had ‘discussed important matters’ in the past[…]

Media Could Be A Bit More Careful When Reporting Studies

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Published on: 2014.09.01

A few days ago, this Washington Post article made the claim: “…when we talk about race in our personal lives, we are by and large discussing it with people who look like us.” Citing a recent study by PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute), the Post author said: “…the average black person’s friend network is eight[…]

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