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Date : May 2013

The Home Depot Supports Gay Rights

I never would have known that The Home Depot supports gay rights without the uber-conservative American Family Association’s daily radio program. AFA owns and operates nearly 200 radio stations across the country (according to its website). One of their programs plays on a local station here; I sometimes listen to it as an exercise in[…]

Whatever Happened To Mike Warnke?

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Published on: 2013.05.25

When I was a teenager, a self-styled “radical Christian”, waves of recorded Christian entertainment were pouring out of Tennessee — most of the recording companies — like Word Records, Sparrow, Reunion, and Myrrh — were based in Tennessee. That last one, Myrrh, was the one that launched the career of Christian comedian Mike Warnke.

Documenting Flickr’s Losses

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Published on: 2013.05.22

Flickr’s marketing department is taking care of publicizing what’s been added to the site, and how the design has changed. They’re real proud of it. So far, I haven’t seen anyone documenting what’s been taken away from Flickr users. I’ve made a page just for that, here. I’ll be updating it as I learn more.

Book Review: The Raven, A Biography of Sam Houston (1929)

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Published on: 2013.05.21

Title: The Raven, A Biography of Sam Houston Author: Marquis James Year: 1929 Publisher: University of Texas Press, Austin ISBN 0-292-77040-5 View it on Amazon View it on Google Books Sam Houston on Wikipedia This book was awarded the 1930 Pulitzer Prize for “Biography or Autobiography” (James is one of the very few people who’ve[…]

Flickr’s Downward Spiral

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Published on: 2013.05.21

Flickr holds a special place in my heart, at least compared to other internet sites. I’ve spent more time on Flickr than most people have spent on Facebook or Twitter — daily participation since I joined in Sept. 2005. Not only have I uploaded over 30,000 images to my photostream (most of them now non-public),[…]

First Amendment Under Fire (Yes, Again)

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Published on: 2013.05.20

“I thought the left loved freedom of the press and open government. I guess that’s only when ‘The Man’ is someone else.” That’s what one commenter said on a news story about the federal government hoping to charge a journalist for publishing news. It’s an astute observation about the way our two-party political system works:[…]

I Must Disagree

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Published on: 2013.05.19

Commentary: A record Powerball jackpot isn’t a record to celebrate (Christian Science Monitor) The editorial board of CSM concluded their piece with this: Before the news media play up the next record-setting mega-lottery like Powerball, they may want to add these kinds of caveats in their reporting. It could deter people from rushing to the[…]

Some Things I Underlined (‘To Sail Beyond The Sunset’)

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Published on: 2013.05.09

Following are some passages I underlined during a reading of To Sail Beyond The Sunset (1987) by Robert A. Heinlein, the last novel he published before dying in 1988: “I remember Earth. I knew her when she was clean and green, mankind’s beautiful bride, sweet and lush and lovable… It is futile to mourn over[…]

Beware: Editing Signs’ Grammar Without Permission Is A Crime

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Published on: 2013.05.08

There is a school of thought, albeit a relatively unpopular one, that poor grammar or punctuation on printed signs should be corrected with a Sharpie or other tool, vigilante style. In the News: Vigilante Copy Editor (New York Times) And there are older instances, such as this one (The Virginian-Pilot).

Some Things I Underlined (‘The Cat Who Walks Through Walls’)

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Published on: 2013.05.07

Following are some passages I underlined during a reading of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls: A Comedy of Manners (1985) by Robert A. Heinlein: “It does not do to encourage bad banners; one should retaliate, urbanely but firmly.”

Renters Forever: Photoshop Moves To Subscription Model

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Published on: 2013.05.07

In The News: Adobe starts subscription for Photoshop and Dreamweaver (BBC News) This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone; many software companies are moving in this direction. Instead of having to ship millions of boxes and discs every year when they upgrade the software, they’re just going to add the updates to the online[…]

Some Things I Underlined (‘I Will Fear No Evil’)

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Published on: 2013.05.06

Following are some passages I underlined during a reading of I Will Fear No Evil (1970) by Robert Heinlein: “…most people think of money as something to pay the rent. But a money man thinks of money in terms of what he can do with it.” “…it’s impossible for a woman to lay it on[…]

DIY: Measuring Cup Holder

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Published on: 2013.05.01

For about $5, I made this measuring cup holder that’s hidden inside a kitchen cabinet: (Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

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