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Date : February 2013

Tweaking Digital To Look Like Film

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Published on: 2013.02.24

“One of the things I like to do in my spare time is trying to capture a specific film look.” (Source) What the author meant is: I like to use software to force an otherwise decent digital photo to resemble a photo taken with a specific type of film.

Keeping Secrets

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Published on: 2013.02.23

In one of the photography forums I frequent, this question arose: Is it just me, or does anyone else keep secrets from their loved ones when purchasing camera equipment? … I have occasionally bought … without saying anything (because they look very similar, so I guessed she wouldnt know the difference). Occasionally I also lie[…]

Slapping Babies

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Published on: 2013.02.18

In The News: Man accused of slapping crying boy on Delta flight is out of a job (CNN) No doubt you’ve heard of this one already. But two things struck me as odd about this story.

Some Things I’ve Learned From The Internet

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Published on: 2013.02.16

The first three points below are unrelated to the internet; it’s just that the internet has made me more aware of them. The fourth point below is almost certainly because of the internet. 1. Believing the untruth If something is true and verifiable, there are many, many people who believe it’s not true. The inverse[…]

Windows 8: Imaginary Alphabetical Order (FIXED)

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Published on: 2013.02.14

UPDATE, 18:17: I fixed this issue; see the addendum at bottom. Several times I’ve been frustrated when looking for a particular file in Windows 8. It shouldn’t be difficult; I meticulously name all my folders and files and always sort every folder/directory in alphabetical order. But some files or folders would never be in the[…]

‘No One Has A Right To Make Fun Of Anyone’

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Published on: 2013.02.14

In The News: Georgia pol wants to make lewd photoshopping a crime after being mocked in porn star pic (FOX News) “No one has a right to make fun of anyone. It’s not a First Amendment right”, says Georgia State Rep. Earnest Smith. He also said, oddly for a public figure: “Everyone has a right[…]

Minimum Wage Hike?

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Published on: 2013.02.14

In President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday, he focused partly on generating “a rising, thriving middle class”. Oddly, in that part of his speech, he suggested raising the federal minimum wage to $9 per hour (a 24% increase from the current $7.25 per hour). In the News: Obama: Minimum Wage Increase Will[…]

Contradictory Claims

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Published on: 2013.02.10

I didn’t sit down with the intention of reading Good Housekeeping again; it just kind of happened — it was the only thing within arm’s reach while my daughter wanted to cuddle next to me. It was the mis-dated “March 2013” edition (received in early February). Flipping through, I found an interesting snippet on page[…]

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