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Date : December 2012

Words That Bug Me: “Out Of” In Sports

Categories: Sports, Words That Bug Me
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Published on: 2012.12.29

I’ve you’ve watched or listened to a sports event broadcast lately, you’ve heard at least one of the commentators say “out of” when they meant “from”. It’s getting worse, and it bugs the hell out of me. “James Johnson, the quarterback, is out of Billings, Montana”, they’ll say. I’ve got news for them. Unless the[…]

My End Of The Fiscal Cliff

Categories: Finances, InTheNews, Politics
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Published on: 2012.12.28

I haven’t blogged about the so-called “fiscal cliff” that’s so speedily approaching, mainly because I don’t understand it. That’s not a proud proclamation, but an embarrassed admission; people shouldn’t brag about things they don’t know, though I see it happen all the time. I blame my lack of economic/tax knowledge on three things: (1) my[…]

Should You Use Your Neighbor’s Garbage Can?

Categories: Human Behavior
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Published on: 2012.12.24

There really are such things as stupid questions. One good place to find them is in the advice columns of magazines or newspapers. Sometimes I characterize the question as stupid because the answer is (or should be) obvious. Other times it’s because the question itself says a lot about the person who asked it. The[…]

Realism About Gun Restrictions

As often happens immediately after a firearm-related tragedy, huge emotion-laden efforts have been launched to enact “some form” of gun control in the United States. The proponents are banking on the very real worries and fears that arise after such a tragedy, and the uncountable conversations that arise as a result. But being realistic, what[…]

Feeling Better After House Hunters International

Categories: Television
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Published on: 2012.12.22

For any Americans out there feeling tense about your rent or your mortgage payment, I’ve found any easy solution: just watch a few episodes of House Hunters International. I don’t mean the occasional episode in which they’re looking for a home in Boznigovia1, where a mansion cost as much as a used car, but the[…]

WordPress ‘Revision’ Frustration (UPDATED!)

Categories: How To, Pet Peeve
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Published on: 2012.12.17

I first learned about WordPress post revisions when I began wondering why my blog entries aren’t consecutive numbers. For example, this entry is numbered “1599” — something that WordPress does automatically. But the previous entry was “1576”. Shouldn’t this one be 1577? No, because WordPress uses the in-between numbers to save “post revisions”. That means[…]

Review: Canon PowerShot SX150 IS (Moved!)

Categories: Photography, TechReview
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Published on: 2012.12.16

UPDATE: I initially posted this review on Dec. 8, 2012, and attempted to republish on Dec. 16 after adding several important bits. At that point, the blog entry appeared blank, though all the text was still stored in my Dashboard. As it turns out, either WordPress or my host (GoDaddy) could not handle an entry[…]

Using Death As A Political Advantage

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at how quickly the news stories shifted yesterday from “Shooting at Connecticut School” to “It’s Time To Get Rid of Guns”. But I still am always surprised at how that happens in the U.S. I suppose political activists have learned that it’s much easier to press their agenda[…]

Tax Rates On The Wealthy – Confused?

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Published on: 2012.12.10

As the U.S. government fiddles around with pretending to solve the nation’s money problems, using over-simplistic terms like “debt ceiling” and “fiscal cliff” that the average American doesn’t begin to understand, one solution that keeps being mentioned is “raising taxes for the rich”. Since most Americans aren’t rich, many of us seem to think this[…]

My Own Start Page

(Update, 2013.12.18: Scroll to bottom of entry to see an updated version) I’ve created my own “start page” for daily web browsing, with cute little buttons that are links to the sites I use each day (Scroll down to see screenshots). Various people access the web in various ways. Here are some I’ve heard, and[…]

How Durable Is Your DSLR?

Categories: Photography, TechReview
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Published on: 2012.12.09

In this YouTube video (be warned; it’s 16 minutes long), Kai Wong of Digital Rev pits the Nikon D70 and Canon 400D against a series of mishaps to show how durable they are (the video is mistitled regarding which cameras are tested). He drops them, bumps them into walls, lets elevator doors close on them,[…]

Manziel Lauded, A&M Goes Unnoticed

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Published on: 2012.12.09

Texas A&M’s freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel won college football’s biggest honor, taking the Heisman trophy last night. I found it ironic that the same performance of a lifetime that earned him the necessary votes went unnoticed in the more important voting process: the BCS standings.

ITN: Court Orders Woman To Change Online Review

Categories: Business, InTheNews
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Published on: 2012.12.08

In The News: Judge orders woman to tone down Yelp review as $750,000 defamation suit heads to court (The Verge) Apparently, Jane Perez posted a review on Yelp and Angie’s List, accusing Dietz Development “of both shoddy workmanship and jewelry theft”. According to The Verge’s story: “A police investigation revealed no conclusive evidence that Dietz[…]

ITN: Ready To Replace All Your Light Bulbs? Again?

Categories: Environment, Science
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Published on: 2012.12.03

In the News: Plastic bulb development promises better quality light (BBC News) In the News: New Lighting Could Replace Fluorescents, CFLs, and LEDs As The Light Source Of The Future Have you fully replaced your home’s incandescent light bulbs with CFLs? (We did, about three years ago.) Thinking about how LED bulbs are a little[…]

ITN: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Increasing

Categories: Environment, InTheNews
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Published on: 2012.12.02

In the News: Temps set to soar as emissions grow: report (ABC News) In the News: Carbon Pollution Up to 2 Million Pounds a Second (Time Magazine) Last year, all the world’s nations combined pumped nearly 38.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the air from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and[…]

IPCC Guessed Wrong About Sea Level Rise

Categories: Environment, InTheNews, Science
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Published on: 2012.12.02

In The News: Study: Sea level rose 60% faster than UN projections (Inland News Today) In The News: Polar Ice Sheets Melt Faster (Wall Street Journal) In The News: Icy Greenland Melting At Accelerating Rate, Study Finds (FOX News) (Note that at least one of the sources above is FOX News.) The Intergovernmental Panel on[…]

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