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Date : September 2012

To Be Fair: Obama Too

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Published on: 2012.09.29

You may have noticed I’ve had a few entries lately that seem to be slamming recurring presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Doesn’t seem fair for someone who claims to be an independent, moderate voter, does it? I guess it was simply born out of my dismay that Romney turned out to be such a weak candidate.[…]

ITN: Bad Candidate, Good President?

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Published on: 2012.09.28

In the News: “Lousy candidate; highly qualified to be president,” said a top Romney official. “The candidate suit fits him unnaturally. He is naturally an executive.” (Source: Politico, Sept, 28, 2012)

Using Flash: Light Modification

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Published on: 2012.09.26

Having recently received a LumiQuest Softbox III (product page) for my 40th birthday, I ran a few non-scientific tests to determine when it should be used and when it should not be used.

What It Means To Be A Moderate

There’s a bit of public confusion — among politicians, newscasters and so-called political experts — about the terms moderate, independent, and undecided. None of these terms are synonymous with each other, though they’re often used interchangeably on television and in editorial statements. A previous entry of mine (Independent Isn’t The Same As Moderate) addresses this[…]

What It Means To Be An Independent

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Published on: 2012.09.24

My previous entry provided an ever-so-brief definition of “independent” (in the political context), but I feel it bears further elucidation. For one thing, my definition is stricter than that of the Gallup polling organization, when they reported earlier this year that a record 40% of Americans “identify” as independents (31% as Democrats, 21% as Republican).[…]

Independent Isn’t The Same As Moderate

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Published on: 2012.09.23

Another complaint about the TV news… Yesterday I heard a “pundit” — I’m not sure what else to call them; they’re not newscasters or reporters, but they’re people who keep showing up on these news shows and talking as if they’re important and we should trust them … Anyway, I heard this pundit refer to[…]

ITN: Rebooted Romney

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Published on: 2012.09.21

In June 2011, with a huge field of Republican candidates for president, I asked “Do any of these people have an honest chance of winning?” Said another way in that same post: “Pick any one name off the Republicans’ current list, and imagine that one person running against Obama in the 2012 presidential race… and[…]

Infobesity Isn’t the Internet’s Problem

“Infobesity” (or Information Overload) refers to difficulty understanding an issue and making decisions because of the presence of too much information. Though the terms precede the internet, they’re often used in the context of too much information being available on the internet in the currently titled “Information Age”. The problem isn’t that there’s too much[…]

Memories of My Dear Friend Harry

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Published on: 2012.09.11

My dog Harry has now been dead longer than he was alive… It was 20 years ago this summer that I drove him to the vet to be “put to sleep” — a curious euphemism for “killing him” — and then buried him in our yard near Bulverde, Texas. I was reminded of him this[…]

Garage Shelves Project

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Published on: 2012.09.09

This entry isn’t so much a “how to” as it is a “how I did it”. The internet, especially DIY and woodworking forums, is full of how-to articles for building storage solutions in your garage or shed — cabinets, shelves, and other innovative ideas. I scanned quite a few of them before making my own[…]

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