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Date : August 2012

Remembering Neil

Categories: InTheNews, Science
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Published on: 2012.08.26

Neil Armstrong died at 82 on Saturday, Aug. 25. For people of my generation, his name has been as well-known as Michael Jordan and Ronald Reagan, even though Armstrong’s most known moment happened before we were born. My parents — and most of their generation — can still describe in exact detail the hours surrounding[…]

Wanted: Better Real Estate Ads

Categories: Business, Pet Peeve
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Published on: 2012.08.24

I already own a home on a tiny little property. I like it. I plan to live here at least until it’s paid off. But, like many people, I enjoy browsing through the “Free! Take One!” home sales magazines you’ll often find stacked in corners of supermarkets. You can always dream of buying that well-appointed,[…]

Words That Bug Me: ‘Price Point’

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Published on: 2012.08.12

Yes, I’ve been watching too many episodes of ‘House Hunters’. But it bugs me when people say “price point” when they mean price range, or simply price.

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