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Date : July 2012

Opening Ceremony Disappoints

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Published on: 2012.07.29

Various news reports, editorials and blogs have described the 2012 Olympics’ opening ceremony in London as “exuberant”, “rousing”, “dazzling”, and even “quirky”. Did you watch it? What did you think?

Fiddling With Work Lights

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Published on: 2012.07.22

A few weeks ago, I had to dust off my old work lights (or see image below) to paint a bathroom while the light fixture was disconnected. When I was finished and began disassembling the work lights, I realized the thread size on several bolts was familiar.

ITN: Unlikely Opponent

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Published on: 2012.07.12

In The News: If Romney vetted himself, his tax returns would KO shot at White House (FOX News) Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has what some would consider an unlikely opponent: FOX News. Despite being regularly accused (for somewhat obvious reasons) of being an arm of the Republican party, the FOX News editorial linked to[…]

ITN: Love Is Already Legal

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Published on: 2012.07.09

In the News: Can Google “Legalize” Love? (NBC Bay Area) Google pushes for gay rights with ‘Legalize Love’ campaign (CNN) Google pushes all countries to ‘Legalize Love’ (Digital Media Wire)

Which 5 Lenses?

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Published on: 2012.07.08

If you hang around camera forums long enough, you’ll see a question like this: “If money was no object, which five lenses would you get?” (Often, the question is in the context of a specific brand, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony/Minolta, etc.) Here’s why the question doesn’t make any sense:

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