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Date : January 2012

Self-Evaluation (Journals, 2000)

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Published on: 2012.01.28

Favorite line I saw in my old journals recently (From Dec. 11, 2000): — Still debating whether or not I’m retarded (mentally.)

End of the Internet?

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Published on: 2012.01.18

Since I’ve been on the internet (late 1990s), there have been several scares about proposed legislation. Some of them were email hoaxes, forwarded by people who didn’t know it wasn’t true. Others were legitimate, but never had a chance of making it through congress (such as the proposed per-email surcharge that was supposed to make[…]

Saved Quotes

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Published on: 2012.01.15

In 2005, I was compiling a list of quotes to someday add to my blog. I never added them for some reason. So here, seven years later, are a few quotes I found in an .rtf file on my computer, called “quotes for website or blog”.

Audio Journal (2004)

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Published on: 2012.01.14

On my 32nd birthday (Sept. 20, 2004), I realized my computer was equipped to record audio files. It had a microphone and it was a simple matter to speak into the mike and record a digital audio file. It suddenly struck me that I could be recording my journals that way, instead of typing them[…]

Just Before The End of the Beginning (Journal: 2000)

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Published on: 2012.01.06

(Copyright © 2000 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.) Self-portrait with cheap film camera

It’s Just a Point, But… Come on

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Published on: 2012.01.01

News story here The problem with putting the score of a football game in the headline is that now the score is listed twice. Make sure one of them isn’t a typo. Every game story should have the final score listed in the body somewhere; that’s just a rule of sports writing (a rule that[…]

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