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Date : October 2011

Review: 500px

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Published on: 2011.10.28

For a while, I’ve been hearing people say that 500px (website) is a nice replacement for Flickr, which has long been the standard in photo-sharing on the internet. I’m often frustrated with Flickr, and regularly check other photo-sharing sites to see what they offer. So I checked 500px to see why it’s supposedly better. Keep[…]

Minded: Open, Narrow, or Closed?

Categories: Human Behavior
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Published on: 2011.10.23

I’ve never met a truly close-minded person. Wouldn’t you have to be in a coma for this to be the case? So when the term is used about someone else, it’s always an insult, and usually means “narrow-minded” instead — someone with a very defined point of view and very unaccepting of other points of[…]

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