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Date : July 2011

Unnecessary Prepositions

Categories: Grammar
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Published on: 2011.07.27

My wife recently corrected my grammar (and I always thank her for this). I’d said (about our baby daughter): “Look, she’s feeling of the carpet.” “Of?” my wife said. “She’s feeling the carpet.” Since then, I’ve begun to notice all kinds of unnecessary prepositions in my every day speech. And, listening to other people talk[…]

Modernized Heinlein Quote

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Published on: 2011.07.09

Nearly six years ago, I posted one of my favorite quotes from Robert A. Heinlein. Now I’d like to modernize that quote based on my cynical observations of and personal experiences with modern humanity and their simplified abilities.

Don’t Touch the Baby

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Published on: 2011.07.07

One thing I didn’t already know about being a father — perhaps I just wasn’t paying enough attention? — is how many strangers will try to touch your baby. And of all the things people tried to tell me before I became a father, this is one thing I wish I’d been better prepared for.

How to Spot a Troll

Categories: How To, Human Behavior
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Published on: 2011.07.04

Anyone who’s ever participated in internet discussions, forums, comments under a news article or blog entry, or anything similar has probably seen comments from a “troll.” A Google search for troll will reveal quite a few definitions, if you’re unfamiliar with the term. Wikipedia says a troll is:

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