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Date : June 2011

Seriously? (2012 Election)

Categories: Politics
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Published on: 2011.06.26

Let’s admit it: some of us voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because he was black. And some of us voted against him for the same reason. Of course, there were other reasons — just as silly — that people voted either for Obama or for opponent John McCain (age, war experience, religion, etc.), while[…]

Review: Nikon Coolpix S6100

Categories: Photography, TechReview
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Published on: 2011.06.13

UPDATE: In mid-2012, the lens cover became stuck, and wouldn’t open all the way. By fall, the camera was exhibiting other issues as well, such as turning off suddenly during use, failing to take a picture when the shutter button was pressed, etc. Since this was our second consecutive CoolPix to fail just after a[…]

Stunning? Surely Not

Categories: InTheNews
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Published on: 2011.06.08

Newspapers are currently in very poor shape, and they just seem to make it worse every day. This headline: “Series of Scandals Dominating College Football’s Offseason” was followed by this first line: “As a wild and stunning two weeks in offseason college football heads to a close — with developments almost daily — the prospect[…]

How ‘Smart’ Is Your Phone?

Categories: Human Behavior, Pet Peeve
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Published on: 2011.06.02

“Smart phone” users are starting to be more annoying than Facebook users. (Why I’m not on Facebook.) Perhaps the most annoying characteristic of a Facebook user (at least the ones I know) is that they can’t comprehend why the rest of us aren’t part of it — and of course they ignore the fact that[…]

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