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Date : March 2006

Thank You For Smoking

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Published on: 2006.03.27

MOVIE REVIEW: Thank You for Smoking (2006) (Aaron Eckhart, Cameron Bright) (Disclaimer: If it makes any difference, I’m a smoker. But I’m also a movie-lover, and a relatively logical, yet humorous person. And I’m reviewing the movie from that standpoint, not from one side of the fence or the other.) One of the interesting things[…]

V for Vendetta

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Published on: 2006.03.26

(A Movie Review) V FOR VENDETTA (2006)(Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, John Hurt) First, I must mention — as a point of pride — that I saw this movie on opening day, AND in Times Square, Manhattan. It was my first time to ever see a movie in New York City, and that was quite an[…]

Skunk Attack!

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Published on: 2006.03.23

Maud Police Set to Attack Skunk Crisis (Originally published in The Seminole (Okla.) Producer, March 23, 2006; reprinted here with permission of the author) By WIL C. FRY, Associate Editor The skunks, unless they can read this story, will be caught by surprise Saturday night. Just the Maud skunks, though. “Due to the warmer weather[…]

Schools in Crisis

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Published on: 2006.03.06

I’ve long been an opponent of the way public schools are run in the United States of America, from the top to the bottom. I’ve held this opinion ever since I graduated from a public school only to see my sisters graduate from a home-school with much more self-awareness, a greater degree of knowledge, better[…]

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