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Date : November 2003

Don’t Get Offended… Hollywood is Evil

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Published on: 2003.11.24

(Originally published Nov. 24, 2003, as a part of my “Off-Center Thoughts”) It is unbelievably silly for columnists to fight over the new Santa movie. Some defend it as funny and redeeming, while others condemn it as defiling a cultural icon. Matt Drudge, of the Internet’s “Drudge Report,” wrote his scathing column with right-wing, conservative[…]

They Know About Your Gun

(Originally published Nov. 9, 2003, as part of my “Off-Center Thoughts”) The NRA tells us that it’s okay to “hunt” sweet little animals with UZI submachine guns, and use bazookas for home protection. At the same time, bleeding heart liberals say they want to take all our weapons, including our fingernails, because it’s just slightly[…]

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