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Date : April 2002

Some Quotes

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Published on: 2002.04.28

People vs. Larry Flynt: “Murder is illegal. But, you take a picture of somebody committing the act of murder and they’ll put you on the cover of Newsweek. You might even win a Pulitzer Prize. And yet . . . sex is legal … Yet, you take a picture of two people in the act[…]

Ships of Flesh

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Published on: 2002.04.28

if men of flesh have ships of steel, then could there be men of steel who have ships of flesh?

2002.04.12: Political Ramblings Of A Madman

[Never finished. Begun April 12, 2002. By Wil C. Fry] ◊ INTRODUCTION Over time, any man or woman will almost definitely change his or her opinions about nearly everything. This is also the case with me. In the short amount of time during which I have lived, I have modified my thoughts on religion, love,[…]

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