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Date : July 2000

Whatever Happened To America?

[Written on paper, July 2000, and added to this blog 2014.12.17] George Washington. John Adams. Thomas Jefferson. Abraham Lincoln. Theodore Roosevelt. Woodrow Wilson. Franklin Roosevelt. Harry Truman. Dwight D. Eisenhouer. John F. Kennedy. Was Kennedy a “great” President? Maybe. Debate it later. The question here is: Was he our last good President? And what does[…]

Have We Gotten Nowhere?

[Copied/adapted from my “Big Blue Notebook”, July 4, 2000.] Exactly the same problems that plagued America at her inception remain with us. The Boston Tea Party, fabled as it may have been, protested taxation without representation; the taxes we still pay, only to a different governing body. The sugar tax is now called a sales[…]

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