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Date : July 1996

Future Possibilities Of Evolution

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Published on: 1996.07.31

[Started 1996.07.31] A strange thought just struck me as I was reading Douglas Adams’ novel “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.” Not that the novel was the catalyst of this strange thought, although it could have been. For the most part, science fiction usually assumes, and many times even states implicitly that the world as we[…]

Creation Or Evolution

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Published on: 1996.07.23

or “What Difference Does It Make?” July 23, 1996 It has long been mankind’s nature to argue. For many dozens of centuries humans have attempted to search for “Truth”, by which we mean: “that which relates events and/or facts as they actually exist“. In this quest for “Truth”, we are limited by our sensory perceptions,[…]

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