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Texas Is About To Say ‘Me Too!’ (2017 Legislative Session)

For everyone across the nation who wondered why the Texas legislature wasn’t in the news much this year — specifically, during all the media frenzy about civil rights — it’s not because Texas decided to stop being regressive. It’s because the Texas legislature, by law, does not meet in even-numbered years (except for limited 30-day[…]

An Ethical Dilemma For Driverless Cars?

Other than “LOL”, I rarely use chat-room derived abbreviations, but I feel like typing “SMDH”¹ almost daily when I read the comments people are posting about self-driving cars. Most of it is simply regurgitating fearmongering from the technophobic talk radio programs they listen to. (I tackled most of those fears in a previous entry.) Now[…]

In Defense Of Texans

Texas flag, Waco (Copyright © 2009 by Wil C. Fry.) Apparently some “frightened citizens” contacted Texas Governor Greg Abbott (source) about a military training exercise in several states, and he sent in the Texas State Guard to make sure the U.S. military wasn’t doing anything amiss. What? And then Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a member[…]

Which 53%, Mr. Carter?

As much as I detest misinformation on the web, it is perhaps even more frustrating when accurate information is used to the exclusion of other accurate information. Most often, this happens in politics. Take my own U.S. representative, Judge John Carter, for example. Today, he tweeted that “Obamacare approval rates continue to decline” and provided[…]

Let’s Use ‘Deep South’ Correctly, Please

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Published on: 2014.02.15

Yes, I know that South Carolina IS technically in the Deep South. But it bugs me when something happens in a specific slice of a region and is reported as having happened in the entire region: “The Deep South has been shaken up this winter in more ways than one: First, there was the unusual[…]

Houston Chronicle Did Not Un-Endorse Ted Cruz

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Published on: 2013.10.16

Several news agencies today reported that the Houston Chronicle “unendorsed” Senator Ted Cruz (R.-TX) — no relation to my late grandfather whose name is pronounced the same way — but the Chronicle said that’s not true.

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