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The Pope: A Sea Change For Global Warming?

Industry on the sea, Corpus Christi, Texas (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   Pardon the pun in the headline — because sea levels are rising measurably — but I was encouraged to read about Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s (formally known as Pope Francis) recent 188-page encyclical on the environment. Read it[…]

May 2015: Second-Warmest On Record (TIE)

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Published on: 2015.06.16

Last month tied May 2012 for the second-warmest May of all time (behind May 2014). In case you’re keeping score, last year was the warmest year on record. This year, January, February, April, and May have each taken second place — and March was the warmest March ever. Combined, that means 2015 is already on[…]

April 2015: Second-Warmest Ever

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Published on: 2015.05.14

Here’s a direct link to NASA’s data set. April 2015’s global mean surface temperature was 0.75°C higher than the long-term average. Only April 2010 was warmer. The data also shows that the four-month period to start this year (January through April) was the hottest four-month beginning of any year on record. The past 12 months[…]

January 2015: Second-Warmest On Record

Our first noticeable snowfall in 4 years, but it was 35°F outside. The last time it snowed here, it was 17°F. (Copyright © 2015 by Wil C. Fry.) Despite the overbearing news reports about the record cold snaps in parts of the U.S., this has little to do with global warming or climate change. Professional[…]

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