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‘Word Crimes’, by Weird Al Yankovic

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Published on: 2014.07.18

I’ll rarely blatantly promote a commercially produced music video. If you ask me, most of them aren’t worth the hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars required to produce them. But this one is worth watching, I think:  

Beware: Editing Signs’ Grammar Without Permission Is A Crime

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Published on: 2013.05.08

There is a school of thought, albeit a relatively unpopular one, that poor grammar or punctuation on printed signs should be corrected with a Sharpie or other tool, vigilante style. In the News: Vigilante Copy Editor (New York Times) And there are older instances, such as this one (The Virginian-Pilot).

Attack Of The Commas And Present Tense

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Published on: 2013.03.31

We all know the English language is still in flux. It’s a living, evolving set of rules and words. But sometimes that evolution produces strange byproducts, like this collection of words and punctuation from CBS News: Though, TV Guide is reporting that Lifetime is now, too, canceling the show. Let’s try that again, with more[…]

Unnecessary Prepositions

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Published on: 2011.07.27

My wife recently corrected my grammar (and I always thank her for this). I’d said (about our baby daughter): “Look, she’s feeling of the carpet.” “Of?” my wife said. “She’s feeling the carpet.” Since then, I’ve begun to notice all kinds of unnecessary prepositions in my every day speech. And, listening to other people talk[…]

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