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Population Matters

Crowded Stopped traffic on I-35 in Austin, Texas. (Copyright © 2015 by Wil C. Fry.) I’ve tried — and ultimately failed — to avoid the conclusion that humanity’s greatest threat is the increasing numbers of humans. The latest UN report says that global population growth is slowing, but will still approach 10 billion by 2050[…]

Asgardia Discussion Proves We’re Not Ready For Globalism Just Yet

Screenshot confirming my registration for Asgardia If you haven’t yet heard of Asgardia, you’re not alone. But as of this writing, more than 500,000 Earthlings have registered to become citizens of the new space-based nation. I’m one of them. I registered as a lark, not because I’m ready to leave the planet’s surface any time[…]

My Genetic Fallacy On The Brexit Vote

Photo of Boris Johnson holding a brick, with EU and UK flags overlaid Click here to see a larger version (Image combination by Wil C. Fry) It was clear to me the moment I began seriously considering the “Brexit” vote (read more on Wikipedia) that I was engaging in what’s called genetic fallacy (see also[…]

Dear People Of The Future

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Published on: 2016.03.02

Dear future humans (or whatever sentient earthlings call themselves in your time): Hello from 2016! Congratulations on still existing. I assume you’re thankful that the generation before mine didn’t launch the thousands of ICBMs they built. Naturally, I wonder what advances you’ve made, and whether only the richest and most powerful among you enjoy them[…]

‘Most Serious’ Problem In The World?

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Published on: 2015.03.20

Yesterday, I cited the World Values Survey, which included many questions other than the ones I mentioned. One of the others was “Which of the following problems you consider the most serious one for the world as a whole?” One of the nicer neighborhoods we saw in Belize (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.)[…]

Some Of Earth’s Languages Are ‘Endangered’

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Published on: 2014.09.03

* Economic Growth Has Put A Quarter Of The World’s Languages At Risk Of Extinction (Business Insider, 2014.09.03) * 25% of World’s Languages Are Threatened (livescience, 2014.09.03) There are, according to Business Insider, 6,909 known human languages on Earth. The same articles says “…about a quarter of [them are] threatened.” The livescience (which doesn’t capitalize[…]

The Overseas Connection To My Local Pizza Hut

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Published on: 2013.09.09

Last night, I called my local Pizza Hut to order a pie for carryout. I noticed immediately that they had a new system in place, because a recorded voice asked me to “Press 1” to start a new order or “Press 2” to edit an existing order. My first thought was that I would complete[…]

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