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The Fake News Epidemic

(Click to see it full size) Someone — I wish I knew who, so I could attribute — made this helpful chart showing where various news agencies fall on the left/right political spectrum, as well as on the worth-reading spectrum. Note that this chart doesn’t actually include “fake news” sites — sites that invent stories[…]

Asgardia Discussion Proves We’re Not Ready For Globalism Just Yet

Screenshot confirming my registration for Asgardia If you haven’t yet heard of Asgardia, you’re not alone. But as of this writing, more than 500,000 Earthlings have registered to become citizens of the new space-based nation. I’m one of them. I registered as a lark, not because I’m ready to leave the planet’s surface any time[…]

Killeen Student Suspended For (Possibly) Saving A Life

In this edition of Stupid Schools, we have a student — right here in my city — who rendered medical assistance to a fellow student and was suspended for two days. According to this story from regional TV channel KCEN, 15-year-old Anthony Ruelas, an eighth-grader at a Killeen alternative school, carried a fellow student —[…]

Strawman: A Logical Fallacy Explained

Seen this meme posted by your conservative friends? It’s a classic strawman fallacy. Click here to see it larger. Ah the strawman, my least favorite logical fallacy. As luck would have it, I was considering a blog entry — or series of them — about the various logical fallacies used in political and religious debates,[…]

Democrats Aren’t Always Fond Of Science, Either

Not long ago, I sought to call Rand Paul’s baloney when he said Republicans weren’t at war with science. He’s still wrong. But I want to be fair. People in the other major party do it too, but perhaps less obviously.

DNA Can’t Kill You. Oh Wait.

Sadly, I’m not making this up. Eighty percent of Americans surveyed said the government should put warning labels on foods that contain DNA. “WARNING: This product contains deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The Surgeon General has determined that DNA is linked to a variety of diseases in both animals and humans. In some configurations, it is a[…]

Crisis Of Conscience: College Football

MSSU vs. Harding University (Copyright © 2008 by Wil C. Fry.) Saturday, as I often do, I tried to watch a bit of college football on television. It’s not easy — being a stay-at-home Dad with a wife who works weekends — to maintain any kind of focus on the play-by-play happenings. Often, I hear[…]

It Took A Study To Tell Them This?

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Published on: 2014.09.19

I was startled by the “findings” reported in this Mother Jones article. It struck me as another study that didn’t need to be done. “…if you ask the questions the right way, Americans know a lot more … than you might think.” Well, der, Mother Jones (and Yale law professor Dan Kahan, who released the[…]

Study: You’re Stuck

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Published on: 2014.08.07

A 25-year study by Johns Hopkins researchers, which I found via NPR, tracked nearly 800 children from first grade into their late 20s, originally trying to “better understand how early home life helped some children successfully acclimate to first grade”, but eventually learning how it affected their entire lives. The results aren’t happy-making.

How I Feel About McRaven at UT: Not Sure

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Published on: 2014.08.04

After watching the documentary Dirty Wars two days ago, I promised my wife it wouldn’t send me on some new crusade, especially since this one involves secret operations by special forces, including the killing of civilians in countries we aren’t at war with. I don’t want to be disappeared. So I just absorbed some stuff[…]

10-Day Suspension For Water Pistol

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Published on: 2014.04.17

Smithson Valley High School, Texas Where I attended in the late 1980s, Not related to the school in the story (Copyright © 2007 by Wil C. Fry.) 10th-grader suspended for having yellow squirt gun (Associated Press, April 17, 2014) 10th-grader suspended for having yellow squirt gun (Washington Post, April 17, 2014)   “A 10th-grader in[…]

The Problem With ‘Faith vs. Evidence’

Baby gorilla, Oklahoma City, Okla. (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) The difference between a Creationist and an Evolutionist is that one accepts on faith the words found in a very old book while the other accepts only hard scientific evidence. Right? That’s that narrative I see when browsing writings by those who fall[…]

Good For You, Oklahoma

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Published on: 2014.02.25

In The News: Oklahoma Requires Students Learn Personal Finance To Graduate (PBS News Hour, Feb. 24, 2014) Though I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about it, I’ve long been a proponent of schools teaching practical life skills alongside (or even instead of) less useful courses. I know I’ve mentioned this to family and friends, and[…]

Common Sense About The Socialist Professor

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Published on: 2014.01.20

Someone I love and respect sent me this link and asked me what I thought of it. So here’s my analysis. Short description: It’s a story (the author indicates that it’s not even true) of a professor who decided to “socialize” the grades in his class, after students “insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that[…]

Removing Testiness From Tests

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Published on: 2012.03.30

(Referencing the story found on ABC News and the NY Post.) The New York city public school system is trying to make tests less “biased” and less likely to “evoke unpleasant emotions” in school children. One of the ways they’re doing this is banning a list of words, including birthdays, junk food, Halloween, dinosaur, dancing,[…]

Schools in Crisis

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Published on: 2006.03.06

I’ve long been an opponent of the way public schools are run in the United States of America, from the top to the bottom. I’ve held this opinion ever since I graduated from a public school only to see my sisters graduate from a home-school with much more self-awareness, a greater degree of knowledge, better[…]

Better Get to Work

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Published on: 2005.07.13

I read recently [expired link removed] that American workers are working longer hours than workers in all other developed nations, and our average hours of work per year are actually increasing, unlike in other countries, where this number has been steadily dropping. Is this a surprise to anyone? Also, our wages are falling. This isn’t[…]

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